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  1. Hopefully they will, I can’t remember how long most contracts are maybe 8-9 months? We are flying out now from CLT this weather is yucky!
  2. Whew finally all packed! I did pretty good, only two suitcases and two carry on’s. Lexi’s suitcase is about the size of ours and it’s just her stuff 🤣 she is definitely the best dressed! We fly out tomorrow around lunch time. We plan to get to the hotel then order food and watch the playoff games. Trying desperately to keep myself busy so time will pass, I cannot wait to get onboard! Still no update on the special liquor request btw.
  3. @MamaShark the RLS decor seems very different in the YouTube videos from Harmony to Allure. So I am excited as well to be able to compare them. I will take a lot of photos. We still haven’t heard back if they will have the Crown Peach brought onboard but if we are lucky enough they do, I know my dad and FIL will be so happy. Luciano emailed us yesterday with the standard port arrival information. Counting down the hours at this point 😂
  4. Please do. We have about 8-11 people who might go on that one if we do it. We had the ATS 2BR 8730 in September and I feel that it is a great value for star class however we just didn’t care for the room itself. It was pretty loud(travel noise) at night but watching the aqua shows from the balcony was super fun. The deck 8 part was nice as Central Park was just down the hall, helped me not miss deck 17 quite as bad with the suite lounge close by. This view though was so cool 😍
  5. @Lovetocruise2002 I think the room is great for two separate couples and kids. I can foresee that dream becoming a reality. 🛳️ I want to see the villa sooo bad. Luciano let me know he has already messaged the right people to try to have it onboard next week so I sure hope it works out for my FIL and dad. They love Crown Peach.
  6. @Rags1 Once I had this room the balcony spoiled me. It’s so peaceful. I’m bringing some puzzle books to just sit on the balcony and relax. @Lovetocruise2002 I will do my very best 🤣 I just love to cruise in general. When we get home I’ll be counting down the days till you go and I can live ship life through you.
  7. One week out! 🤩 We have been in contact with Luciano about weekly with different requests we have came up with. I am going to start packing later today, Our daughter would go ahead and fly down now if we would let her. This week will hopefully fly by 🤞 , we are actually asking about getting a specialty liquor on board. I will let everyone know how that goes. (picture is from Harmony in March) I am so ready for some peaceful relaxation time on this balcony.
  8. 22 days to go! Hopefully this will fly by with Christmas and New Years. Communication with Luciano has been excellent. I have let him know the activities we are wanting to do onboard and went ahead and gave a tentative dining schedule, we will probably change that around once onboard and plans change. Looking really forward to Giovanni’s! We aren’t big fans of Jamie’s so we are very thankful to have Giovanni’s onboard. That should be our anniversary celebration dinner.
  9. @DJsMrs thank you for this information. He seems like he is going to be wonderful. He is already taking interest into our needs and how our family operates.
  10. So far communication with Luciano has been amazing! That is a great sign.
  11. @Rags1 you guys are going to have so much fun on Oasis. We are supposed to go in May. We want to go check out all the new stuff. The genie group for Oasis looks great.
  12. Oh that will be a nice room! The photos and videos look great.
  13. @Lovetocruise2002 We actually went on the 9 night cruise a bit after yours... your review helped us tremendously. Thank you so much for that. That was our same issue. Araceli anticipated our wants and needs. She just made everything so outstanding and peaceful. Lexi is still asking to go back and see her. I’m so excited to see how Luciano operates. Since he was trained by the both of them... I can imagine I will be very lucky to have him. Im also going to enjoy Champagne bar one more time before it’s gone. I know this will be our last cruise on Allure before it’s dry dock session and that’s removed.
  14. Star class did kind of spoil us and about fed us to death. I already like the fact Luciano emailed us at the 30 day mark. We are starting to set up some dinner and show reservations with him now. I’m going to try to set up a few little food surprises for my parents. My in-laws got the owners pan, this is their first time experiencing this room. Pictures and videos of it look gorgeous. We do have Luciano for both rooms. We had asked during our questionaire if we could have the same genie so setting up dinners and activities would be easier as we all do most things together in the evenings.
  15. Hi my name is Amanda. My family and I are booked in the royal loft suite and my in laws have the owners pan in our upcoming allure sailing!!! 30 days!!! This is our 3rd Star class sailing but for my parents this will be their first star class experience. I’m doing this semi live review because before our first star class cruise in March we searched all the boards for reviews on star class so we knew what to expect and I wanted to help others! So if anyone has any questions fire away and I’ll help anyway I can. I’m beyond excited to share this experience with my parents. They luckily have cruised royal before with us, so I at-least know that they like cruising. Our first star class cruise was in March 2019 on Harmony in the Royal loft suite and we had Araceli as our genie and she was by far amazing! She set the bar so high for genies. I honestly felt like I had it the jackpot of genies! She is wonderful with kids as our daughter is 5 and she made her trip so special. If your lucky enough to ever have her as your genie your in for a real treat. Our second star class cruise was on Allure in September 2019 in the deck 8 Aqua 2 bedroom, our genies name was Agostina. We really did like her but as I said Araceli had set the bar extremely high and we now had an idea of how we expected star class to go. She did really well but I learned to just be very direct in what we wished to happen or what food we wanted sent to the room. Just be very clear on that and your trip will go really well. Our daughter Lexi loved her, she spent extra time making Lexi feel comfortable and kept doing little surprises for her to make our trip magical! So for this cruise we have already filled out the pre cruise star class questionnaire and we just found out we have Luciano Santos!!!
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