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  1. Thank you!! I had not noticed the Cruise Compass link at the top.
  2. We are leaving Saturday on Empress. My husband said he read they don’t do formal nights on this ship. Can anyone verify?
  3. Just got an email on doing a Royal Up. I have read on this site about Royal Up about how it works. We currently are in an Ocean View. The email I received today is offering me to bid on a Junior Suite or Owners Suite. So I went on the Royal Caribbean web site to see how much the suites normally go for so I could possibly make a reasonable bid. But as I enter the information the website tells me there are no more suites available. Any thoughts?
  4. Looking to reserve a dinner at Chops Grille. Is best to do that before cruise or wait to do once on board?
  5. One of our stops is in the Virgin Gorda BVI. Looking for something to do that is inexpensive. Any suggestions?
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