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  1. I went ahead and got an international drivers license which has my photo in it. I know it is not an official stated issued document but you can't one without a valid drivers license. They accepted the paper one from the DMV that shows I am not expired and the expired license. Here's to praying I can get on with my kids 😞
  2. No, they did not punch my drivers license when they gave it back. They told me to carry both the expired and the paper drivers license. On the DMV website it shows my expiration date as the updated one. I called Royal several times and they all said different answers.
  3. I went to the DMV today, they renewed my license but they only have the ability to print the temporary drivers license with the new expiration number on it. They also gave me my expired (8/19) photo drivers license back.
  4. On Monday. We have to start the drive tomorrow. It is a 2 day drive to Miami for us.
  5. Quick questions that I hope someone has experience with. My drivers license expired last month...due to death in the family among all that comes along with that, I didn't;t notice the date on my license. I went to the DMV and renewed my license. They gave me the expired one back with my photo id as well as a paper temporary license that has all of my drivers license info including the scan bar on it. Everything but my picture. I have my birth certificate. Will I be able to board? It is a closed loop cruise to the Bahamas.
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