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  1. Hi Everybody, My family and I are booked on the Ovation for 11nts departing Sydney on 23rd Nov 2019. We have booked our shore excursions, but having difficulty making head or tail of the onboard activities and dining options. The kids are 15 and 17 - yes they want wifi!!!! We have mytime dining and my understanding is that you can eat for free almost anywhere - in the main 4 restaurants - but should book a table We are still unsure if we should get the drinks package - we do like a wine, beer and odd cocktail! Is it worth it?? Is there ever a sale?? Is there a fridge in the cabins - we have 2 external balcony cabins Can you really take 2 bottles of wine onboard per cabin? Should we book as much as possible in advance? Any other tips or tricks that will make our holiday - much needed any better?? Thank you in advance
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