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  1. My bad..Andrei is male. Not sure if anyone knows HIM lol
  2. As an update, we found out there was somehow NO email on file for us..which explains why we've received ZERO communication! So I've since received an introduction email for the Genie, explaining to book shore excursions/spa things, etc. Our genie is Andrei..not sure if anyone knows her. I'm curious to see what the next piece of communication is, I'm sure we've missed the survey window. We shall see what happens.
  3. Thank you so much! We're on deck 9..I'm BEYOND excited. SO ready for the balcony..
  4. Thank you! We haven't gotten the survey yet..I'll wait another couple weeks ?
  5. Hello all! I've been following a ton of feeds, but just need to ask a simple question. We are in a 2-bedroom aqua for the Oct 20 sailing. 41 days out!! My concern is when to expect the genie to reach out vs when I should reach out to give them a little push..When is a good timeline to start panicking? ha!
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