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  1. Are the partitions between the balconies removable? We have a boardwalk balcony and apparently a 16 year old died trying to go from one balcony to the other recently.
  2. Thank you for your replies. Yes, we’ve learned they book up fast. I wish RC would save connecting rooms for people who actually use them.
  3. We have 2 rooms booked next to each other for me, my husband and 3 kids. We weren’t able to get connecting rooms since they were all booked but ours does connect to one on the other side. I have called but they said they won’t contact the person to see if they’d be willing to switch. The rooms are all the exact same. Has anyone had any luck with getting them to try to contact someone to switch rooms? Or possibly doing it once they’re onboard? I know it’s a long shot but we’d love to have the door in between with the kids. It makes it so much nicer.
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