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  1. Thanks so much for this info— very helpful! 😊
  2. Hi! I’m new here. Trying to prepare for our first cruise on Royal Caribbean (Allure of the Seas). Our whole family is getting excited for the trip! We splurged on a suite that gives us sky class perks. I’ve checked in online and our set sail passes have an arrival time of 1 pm. We received an email from Royal instructing us to arrive after 12 noon since terminal seating is limited. A few questions: - How early do you recommend arriving at Port Everglades to board if you want to get on the ship as soon as you can? Is it ok to get there before the assigned time? - For Sky Class, what time does the suite lounge open if we want to talk to the concierge? -Do we have to wait until rooms open to get our key and access deck 17 for the suite lounge and coastal kitchen? -Is Coastal Kitchen the best place to go for lunch or should we head somewhere else if planning to eat there for dinner on embarkation day? Any advice for smooth embarkation would and sailaway would be appreciated. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed trying to figure it all out. Thanks!!
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