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  1. Thanks so much. Glad to know there are other teen friendly pools. I don’t recall seeing one in the many videos I’ve seen. But, A. Getting older and B. Too many videos watched = they all start to run together. Lol. We have no problem getting dressed up, I think it could be fun. I’m really getting excited for this cruise. Always wanted to take one. One last thing I’ve seen someone mention tipping their maid (maid isn’t right but can’t think of the correct word) is this true? Something to do daily or at the end? How much? Thanks again, joe
  2. Hello all... So, I've spent a good deal of time looking up everything I can regarding our first cruise. We are leaving from Bayonne New Jersey on Adventure of the Sea, and going up the eastern coast into Canada. I've got a few odds and ends questions... 1. How formal is formal night? Does it equally apply to kids? (ages, 12, 14, 16, 18) 2. Is the check in process similar to airports, ie do we bring our luggage to a porter, or some other type of handler? And, also, check out process... My wife found an option to carry off our own bags, is this the easiest? We are not in a port that offers luggage valet. 3. We bought the drink package, I think they include tip, should we tip extra? (I don't mind rewarding excellent service) 4. Do we tip anyone? Are they all built into the price we paid? 5. My wife hates being cooped up, and she's worried she'll go stir crazy. I've tried to tell her there lots of stuff to do, but does anyone else have any words of wisdom I can pass along to her? 6.There is an island night, do we really need floral print shirts? 7. I've seen the pool is supposed to be 16+ but, if my youngest, age 12, isn't going to be screaming, is the age thing enforced? I understand wanting the adult only pool being quiet and not filled with screaming kids, but it seems the only other option is the little kid water park area... 8. Are the hangers in the rooms? Or, someplace to hang wet swimsuits? I've seen someone who posted they bought some magnetic hooks, cause there wasn't enough room to hang wet suits... I also tried to sign up for the Royal up, but said to make sure our cruise left within 30 days, we leave in 3. So, I'm a little confused as to why I couldn't get past that screen. It find it a bit strange that RCI doesn't make some of these questions more easily findable... If I hadn't bothered to look up anything, we wouldn't have know about the formal night, or the other themed night. Also, if you feel like anything we should know as first timers, feel free to add them... Sorry this is a bit long, but I couldn't find the answers to these questions, in all the videos and posts I've read... thanks in advance for helping out! Joe
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