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  1. Thanks! We're stoked. And, we don't think we'll have to take the kid out of school to do it. Really appreciate all the help, especially @Lovetocruise2002 . Although, I'm looking forward to talking the spouse into joining the suite life next time if this is a hit ?
  2. So, we're booked. 20 December 2020 on the Oasis out of FLL. Room 11100. Watched a video and I'm a bit sketch on it, but we shall see. I figure this is a taster cruise more than anything. Got to get used to that suite life later ? I really appreciate everyone's help. This is a lovely community!
  3. @Lovetocruise2002 Could use a bit of guidance... Have been emailing with MEI and they've been great. Based on some prices and other things we're thinking about moving from a June 2020 date to December 2020. The extra lead time means cheaper cruise and we're able to spend June in Seattle when the weather is awesome and bail for the Caribbean when it's not. So, we're looking at one of the sailings that leaves 20 December 2020, which means we'd be on the boat over Christmas. Some questions... -are the ultraspacious rooms workable for a family? It seems like they're bigger and the bunk beds are likely to be a hit with the girls. Also seems cheaper to go that way than two cabins. -how important is the balcony? Figure it's a judgement call, but y'all have all kinds of info, so I might as well ask ? -Eastern (Harmony/Canaveral) or Western (Oasis/Ft. Lauderdale)? Thanks for all of the helps so far!
  4. Thanks all. You're amazing. Hitting up MEI now and working through options. I appreciate all the help and guidance!
  5. Thanks y'all. I'm impressed. I know DCL would be a draw for the girls, but we can get the high parts of that experience much more reasonably at Aulani or Disneyland. I think the next step is to call a travel agent and have a chat about what makes sense. I suspect our girls will be in a mix of things. They both love pools though, which makes me think warm weather may be a good idea...
  6. Thanks for the tip! The kids have been to Hawaii, so the flight time isn't an issue. It just adds to the overall price of the cruise. I appreciate the sale advice and the travel agent makes a bunch of sense.
  7. Our family was thinking about a Disney cruise in 2020. Then we started our research in earnest and found out about this community and the price difference between Disney and RC. Now, we're swamped trying to pick what we want to do and could use some guidance from the awesome folks here who know a lot more than we do. We're planning a summer 2020 cruise. It'll be two adults, a 6 year-old, and a 3 year-old. We live in Seattle, which makes an Alaska cruise super convenient, but we're not big outdoors people and are worried that the kids are too young to really get into an Alaska cruise. We'd appreciate any advice. I've been reading the blog and boards while listening to the podcast, so I'm starting to sell my partner on getting two rooms and using a travel agent, but I'd really appreciate guidance on itineraries that could work well for us. I'd also love to know if this WOW sale is something I should be moving on or just the kind of thing that comes up. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!
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