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  1. Looking for Jeep rental recommendations at the cruise port or close by in St Phillipsburg/St Marteen? Thanks
  2. Thank you for telling me this. I appreciate it.
  3. Thank you so much! This was so helpful! I so appreciate it. We are super excited. My youngest gets extreme anxiety around large crowds. He is very outgoing so we will be talking about the ship with him like now so he will know what to expect.
  4. Hi we are going on Harmony of the seas in August. We have a 14 and 8 yr old. Our youngest has special needs so when we stop in St Thomas it will be from 12-8 pm. We would like to find a less crowded beach or more private beach to go to. I have been doing a lot of research and it seems that St John might be a great area to go to. We would like to go on our own like rent a car or take a ferry over. Is this possible to go to for 4 hours and get back in time to port? Suggestions?
  5. Hi our family is going on Harmony of the Seas last week of August 2019. We have two boys, 14 and 8. Our 8 yr old son has Downs Syndrome. He has speech delays, sensory input needs and some behavior issues. We would like to use adventure ocean a few times for date night and to spend time with our older son. I would like to know some other cruisers with similar concerns and your experience with Adventure Ocean? Thanks
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