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  1. We are traveling on the allure of the seas. For formal nights, will a jacket, tie and pants suffice or does it need to be a suit. My teenager do not have suits so that’s what they’ll wear. Does my husband need to bring a suit or Will jacket tie and pants be okay for him, too.
  2. I think I know the answer to this but thought I'd throw it out there anyway. For the first night in the MDR on the Allure, are shorts allowed in the dining room? I know my 16 and 18 year old sons and husband would rather not have to change that first night. We are late seating so I know we'll have our luggage but would hate to have to pack another set of clothes just for that first night. Thanks!
  3. I am getting ready to sail on the Allure of the Seas on March 31. I know the Dreamworks Ice show has been changed to Ice Games. Do you know if the characters will still be doing the parade and meet and greets on this sailing since if technically is before April 1?
  4. Thank you all so much for your response! You have helped me out greatly! I really appreciate it!
  5. Thanks. The other people will be on the ship with me. Just need to stay in touch with teenagers on the ship! I wonder if it’s good enough to rely on or if I should get VOOM to be safe and avoid frustration?!
  6. I am getting ready to sail on the Allure of the Seas. I am still unclear about texting while on the ship. I found info today that leads me to believe the the chat feature is now available on the allure using the RCL app. Is this true or do I still have to but the VOOM package?
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