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  1. I never thought to look up what to do if I lost the SeaPass card in a port. Hope it is useful to others. My aunt lost hers in Atlantis, and didn’t realize until we were on tour bus back to port. She freaked out and started crying(first cruise for her was very nervous) I headed straight to where they check ID and card, to ask what to do, they said to go to port security which was right outside. Went and they checked her passport with ship manifest and let us through a side gate back to the ship. Once at gangway ship security supervisor came down to verify and let us through. Once we w
  2. I guessed as much. Doesn’t show on my planner either
  3. Has anyone tried it? Can we make appointment?
  4. Got it. Glad we can take one. Never did before because I thought we couldn’t. Txs
  5. In Matt’s latest video he says we can bring flat irons. Is this new? When my sister went on Oasis in 2012, she forgot hers and bought one in St. Thomas, security took it and gave back at end of cruise.
  6. What drinks can I bring on ship first day? Wine and water? or has to be one or the other? TIA
  7. Is it worth it? How does it work? TIA
  8. When are luggage tags available to print? I am 60 days from sailing still not available. TIA
  9. Read we can rent beach umbrellas? Does anyone know how much it is? TIA
  10. Has anyone stayed in Stateroom 1820 on Navigator? Pros & Cons? TIA
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