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  1. We did the Gumbalimba Park in Rotan. Was AMAZING! We got to interact with macaws and monkeys. We stayed behind to swim as it wasn't advertised in the booking but we brought our stuff anyone. Had the beach to ourselves practically. There was a guide who took us out to the reef for snorkling just for tips. It was by far the best place we've snorkled so far! Would 1000 percent do it again! Saw sea turtles, eel, octopus, tons of fish. Wish we had taken our guides card to share!
  2. We booked the Exclusive Cozumel Sailing Charter from Royal. I was curious about if anyone had done it as well. If I can remember, I'll post back our thoughts. We sail in April.
  3. Has anyone tried this excursion? Wondering if it's worth the money?
  4. Update: I ended up buy two places. We were on Harmony and I bought at the jewelry store that's right in the corner of the promenade. I can't remember the name of it. Great tip is buy on the first night! They have a great sale night one that won't be repeated. I went in and checked their sales every day. In Cozumel I went shopping with the ship's gal who takes you around. I was looking for 1 carat diamond studs. Didn't find those but found such a better deal with the night/day earrings. They are two in one earrings and were white gold and 1 carat! So happy I went!
  5. We were there in August of 2019 and the ship staff shopping gal said whatever you do don't go to the beaches because of the seaweed, it will be a waste of your day. We did see lots of seaweed but opted for the ruins and cenote swim. I agree, I don't want to do the ruins ever again but I'd for sure do the cenote.
  6. We booked an exclusive cozumel sailing for our April Cruise. Has anyone done this? Worth the money? Any tips to help us have a great experience?
  7. We did this in August. They won't let you touch the sloths but you may see in the tree. You can hold the monkeys and macaws. Bring along a tip for the handlers. ALSO, it's not advertised on the excursion but they have a small beach. We were really wanting to snorkel in Honduras and even tried to do 2 excursions just so we could. We notice that it said bring a towel and took the chance and brought out swim wear too. There was a guy sitting on the beach with no work because we had been diverted because of the hurricane and they weren't expecting us. He said he would take us on the best s
  8. I got an email saying I needed to update my check-in. It's been that same message for me for weeks. I just called my travel agent and she took care of everything for me.
  9. That's exactly what I thinking, diamond studs! Where in St. Thomas did you guys shop?
  10. Are there jewelry shops on the ship? If so, are they good deals in general? Looking at diamonds and emeralds for my 20th wedding anniversary.
  11. Thank you guys! Looking forward to my first cruise! August is just around the corner!
  12. LOL....... Here is their quote: Mini golf, no management. just 100 people doing what ever they wanted on a small 9 hole course.
  13. Seemed odd to me to but it was a post in this group. I will quote it so you can see what I'm talking about. Sounds so chaotic and terrible.....lol Quote from post: Family of 4, me, wife (late 40's and 2 girls 12-17) My main take away is, RC has a line management problem. Overall, i didn't get the feeling Harmony was a gigantic ship. Seemed the same size as the Disney Wonder from 10 years ago. I mean that in terms of public spaces you could go. The difference to us was in the extra 5 decks of cabins. Making everywhere you went on the ship crowded and just one line after a
  14. Booked my first cruise on Black Friday and got 60% off second guest instead of 50%. Also got a deal on excursions. My sailing was for April.
  15. Does anyone know if the Key covers mini-golf on Harmony for exclusive times? Heard the line is horrible and I do love mini-golf!
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