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  1. I thought Sabor is now all inclusive with 1 price?
  2. Thanks! Other then Lyft or Uber, do you recommend any other car service for a party of 6? We used Happy Limo company in the past and it was good enough. Just wondering if there are other options. Thanks again!
  3. Does anyone know the closet rental car company return location to the port at Cape Canaveral? Thanks for the help?
  4. Hi! We want to rent a cabana by the Oasis pool and get the Trill water park passes. I know that there are cabanas in the water park, but the other adults in our party don’t want to be stuck at the water park all day. How far of a walk is it from the cabanas at the Oasis pool to the water park? Is there constant transportation between the two? Thanks for the help!
  5. I recently purchased the ultimate dining package for my harmony seven night cruise this summer. How does this package work at Sabor? Thank you!
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