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  1. Greetings Fellow Vision of the Seas Cruisers, My husband and I have booked a private car to take us into Rome on May 21st. We are doing our own thing in the city for the day and wanted reliable transportation into and out of the city without the hassle of trains or buses. We have room for up to 4 more passengers and it is a flat fee split between the number of passegers. The car will be able to pick us up/drop us off right below our cruise ship - another nice convenience. If you are interested in joining us for the ride to and from Rome on May 21st, please check out this link (https://www.civitavecchiaport.org/shared-shuttle-service/) and look for the VandeStadt Group on May 21. We are scheduled to depart for Rome at 8 am and be dropped off near the Colosseum and meet our driver for return to the ship around 4pm near St. Peter's Basilica. I imagine drop off places and return time can be changed if needed via a discussion with the driver on the day of service. Looking forward to making some new acquaintances on the ride/cruise!!
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