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  1. I've not booked anything as of today. We are looking at mid-July 2019 out of Galveston. Is there an option to book refundable or non-refundable when booking?
  2. First RC cruise questions for you RC veterans: 1)Do travel agencies give any discount over RC's online site? 2)What's the better option for cabins? 3rd deck? 4th deck? Midship? Front of Ship? What's the volume of motor, etc. if you compared areas? 3)What's the best and cheapest excursion for a 5 nighter to Mexico out of Galveston? 4)We don't drink alcohol, mainly water, but should we splurge for the sodas/teas drink deals prior to launching? Or pay as we go? 5)Can we change our booking if something comes up and dates need to change? If so, what's that cost?
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