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  1. Does anyone know what games are on the anthem of the sea's xbox's? and also is the connection as good as they say it is?
  2. With the new renovations done on the Independence, does it still have the Jade sushi section or is the only way to get sushi at izumi?
  3. So I was wondering on the Independence of the seas can you request a movie to be shown on the big screen at the pool?
  4. Do Interior rooms with Sofa or Pullman beds cost more on the Independence of the seas?
  5. Even though I am a huge star wars fan, I will most likely not be bringing any books on-board as they will take up to much space in my bag. So does anyone know if the Independence of the seas has any star wars, manga, or any sort of sci-fi, video game....you know nerdy books on board?
  6. What are some notable difference between adventure of the seas vs independence of the seas. One that I noticed is adventure has a 24 hour dinning location while independence does not
  7. So I know that the Wifi on the Adventures of the sea costs money but does using the computer cafe also cost money?
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