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  1. Does anyone have pictures of the main dining room wine list? Or on the ship now and can take one . Specifically looking for the name of an Adventurous Red #492
  2. What it the process on doing an upgrade after a cruise has already been booked? Other caveats are wife used the 0% uplift for payment and then also did a bid for Royal Up right after Black Friday but haven't heard anything yet. Cruise is in early February, and according to the site there is only a few "balcony" rooms that we want to upgrade to left for booking. Can I just call up RC directly and say we want to change rooms and pay the difference or is there a better way. Thanks!
  3. I do the same, actually just rolled some coins not too long ago. My children looked at me like I was some type of crazy person.
  4. So you used onboard ATM’s instead of going through the casino cage then?
  5. Just curious if everyone takes a "boat" load of cash with them or for security reasons do you pay the 5% and use a card? I am going on the Symphony in February for 7 nights and planned on allocating roughly $3-4K, obviously it would be nice if I don't have to use all of that :). But with prior airline travel and such before even getting on the ship it concerns me walking around with that much on hand. Thanks!
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