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  1. Hi all, Has anyone taken a full ship charter before? We received a free cruise (only had to pay gratuities, taxes and room upgrades) through a dealership when buying a car. We booked a suite and are really excited. My husband and I are both Diamond members but this will be our first time in a suite. Does anyone know if on a full chartered cruise if they still have the concierge lounge or diamond lounge open? Also, do we receive crown and anchor points for the sailing? Any info would be fantastic!
  2. @melski94 Thanks so much! I am so excited now that I know they have the splash zone! that's great news!
  3. Hi All, My husband and I are experienced cruisers, but have a cruise planned soon where we will be taking our 11 month old with us. We will be travelling on the Adventure of the Seas (so no royal babies nursery on board) and hear there is no more baby sitting services offered? We have no idea what to expect and are looking for any suggestions/tips for cruising with an infant. Also, does RC charge gratuities for infants? Thanks in advance!
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