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  1. Thanks Melski, I will make sure to plug the kids into the Teen club first day in. I look forward to the shows...My daughter loves musical theatre, so she'll be happy to hear these titles. Take care and Thank You! Claire
  2. Great tip! I will pack extra balls for the last half of the cruise. I suspect that there are lots of balls floating around in the ocean...I'll pull the extras out after the others have been lost at sea! Thanks very much! Claire
  3. Thanks for the tips! I will send an email for the entertainment info. I appreciate your insight! Take care, Claire
  4. Hi There! So excited to be heading on Liberty of the Seas next week. I'm trying to find out about the shows that are currently happening on the ship. Does anyone know how to find out what we can expect on stage? Also a few random questions: my boys like ping pong. Should I pack our paddles and balls? Also, my son loves to hip hop dance. Is there a venue that has a DJ and dancing for all ages? Thanks so much and I really appreciate this helpful community!
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