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  1. Interesting towels have always been an issue. Like I said, some kinks, like housekeeping, I could see some improvements happening throughout the cruise so hopefully they will keep coming. We definitely learned to not take anymore cruises in its first few sailings. About prior experiences, this was my second cruise. I’ve been on a Carnival Caribbean cruise before that. I know Carnival is considered lower end so I expected RC to be better and it wasn’t! Other than the spa, something we liked on Carnical was every night they would have dishes and drinks inspired by the next port. On Symphony
  2. I just returned from Symphony of the Seas about a week ago and wanted to share my experience. I know it might not be what people are expecting to hear. This is, after all, a Royal Caribbean, fan blog and I get that a lot of people like them. I was so excited to sail on this ship and hoped Royal Caribbean would be a cruise line I would choose to stay with but perhaps, it's just not for me. Before I start, I'll give a little background on my cruising style: I might not be your typical cruiser. I don't go on with plans to drink a lot (we had a handful of cocktails) or spend a lot of mo
  3. Thanks everyone. After pushing a bunch of random buttons I was able to get a 4N (4U? 4Something) Interior Mid-Ship with something like $300-400 onboard credit but yes, there was some Priceline fine print that annoyed us. We are still open to re-booking through a travel agent since all but $125 is refundable. I just wanted the cabin. lol.
  4. Thanks for the responses so far! Something else occurred to me: Central Park Interior looks like it's on the ground floor of Central Park....is it loud? I have a feeling we'll keep our window closed all the time for the sake of privacy. I also learned from reading these boards that we should go through a travel agent so I'm also going to see what the travel agent can do for us in terms of getting a cabin mid-ship!
  5. Hi there! I'm new to the forum and looking to book my first Royal Caribbean cruise and my second cruise overall. I am planning to book Symphony of the Seas, during its European run but we are having a bit of a hard time deciding on which cabin package to book. The concern is motion sickness. I often get sick on cars and planes but the Sea Bands have helped there (discovered those before the Carnival cruise and love them!). On my first cruise on Carnival in the Caribbean, we followed all the advice and booked a lower level, cabin in the middle. I took my ginger capsules daily and wore my Sea Ba
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