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  1. We have a friend taking us to the port, so we don't even have to pay for parking. We hope to do some snorkeling. Would you recommend bringing our own equipment or going on a tour. My husband and I are not good swimmers.
  2. Well, I'm a she, so I guess I can get away with black pants and different tops for formal nights :). But seriously, I'm wondering about packing--it can be brutally cold in Baltimore in January! Then add in the 70's-80's in the Caribbean. Is most of the ship enclosed? So, I'm not stuck in my room waiting for it to warm up.
  3. Good Evening All, We booked a last minute cruise on Grandeur of the Seas--Eastern Caribbean, leaving Baltimore in Jan. We've never cruised before. FYI, We're grad students, love culture, not big drinkers--but we're def. taking advantage of bringing 2 bottles of wine onboard. I'm looking for advice... Should we look into the $19 non-beverage package--or just go with what's offered at meals? Is it worth it anyway just to get bottled water to bring on ports of call? It would be $400 for the length of our cruise--that's a lot of coffee and juice! Should we go with the shore excursions offered by RCL, a 3rd party, or strike out on our own? Booking the upgraded restaurants worth it? advice for packing clothes--we would rather not bring tons of stuff or buy new dresses/suits. We signed up for open dining, but I'm wondering if it would good to switch back to regular? Specifically, the early seating so we can get to evening entertainment. Thanks!!
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