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  1. Thanks for the replies. I appreciate the information.
  2. Hello, I have read that you can bring up to 12 bottles of water on-board on embarkation day. How much can we bring on at each port? We are going on a New England / Canada sailing and I was wondering if we can bring another case onboard in Boston and Portland as well. Thanks
  3. It was in 2014 with a company called "The Perfect Gift" It looks like this is no longer possible, see the post on the DIS Boards. https://www.disboards.com/threads/shirley-perfect-gift.3360598/
  4. OK, there will be 10 of us in 3 cabin's celebrating my parents 50th anniversary. My wife is antsy to make something with her cricket. I'll take some pictures when they are done and post them. Thanks for the feedback
  5. I found this at The Port of Seattle Website. Free luggage transfers! https://www.portseattle.org/Cruise/Pages/Port-Valet.aspx
  6. Thanks, I saw those options. I was looking for something else and I know there is a place near port Canaveral that will deliver baskets with bottled water, etc..
  7. Does anyone know if there is a service in the Seattle area that makes deliveries to the cruise ships? We had done this before out of Port Canaveral and had gift baskets delivered to our room. Just wondering if there was a similar service in Seattle. Thanks
  8. Our upcoming cruise on Explorer of the Seas will be our first RC cruise. Do people decorate their doors like on a Disney Cruise? Thanks
  9. When we disembark Explorer of the Seas in Seattle we will some time to explore the city before heading to the airport. Our flight is at 5:30 pm. Does anyone know what our options are for dealing with our luggage for that time? I not planning on dragging luggage around for 5 people through Seattle. Does the Pier have lockers or storage available? Does the airport have storage available? Thanks
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