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  1. Hey folks. Looking for some insight this would of been my third cruise in November. I made the decision to cancel yesterday before the statement was released today. I am not looking for future credit i am just wondering if you think I will receive a full refund since I cancelled literally 24hrs before they said no cruises for November?

  2. Thank you, we prepaid our gratuities so that's great. I was just wondering overall what would be good like $20 or way more? When I stay overnight at a hotel I try to leave close to $5, so I was thinking maybe $5 a day would be ok.

    Also with excursions can you book more than one per day and just meet back at the ship to go to the next excursion or is that too much?

  3. Hello! I am looking at booking our excursions through Royal Caribbean, do I have to figure out my own transportation to the excursion site or does RC help with this? We cruise on this coming Sunday, they changed the ports do to the hurricanes we wanted to wait to book the excursions. 


    I also had a question about tipping at the end of the cruise. What is appropriate to tip? 

  4. 13 minutes ago, DocLC said:

    You're welcome. We're all here to help, so don't hesitate to ask questions. The blog also has a lot of article that provide a wealth of information. 

    This blog is truly helpful. I really appreciate it, and I not blowing up my travel agents email, I have come up with so many other questions about stumbling upon this blog.

  5. 5 minutes ago, DocLC said:

    The hours are posted in the Cruise Compass, but generally speaking they're open from about 6 to about 5 and then again about 6:30-9 for dinner. Sometime they close briefly between lunch and dinner, but there's always something open elsewhere during the closures. Hours can vary slightly with itinerary. On early port days, they will open earlier; on at sea days, they'll open a little later. 

    The buffet will be open upon embarkation, but we now try to avoid it and opt for other venues that are less crowded. 

    Great that is very helpful! So is the room service at an additional cost? Just curious on those late nights!

  6. 3 minutes ago, DocLC said:

    There are sample Cruise Compasses posted to this site. The link is in the menu bar at the top. These are limited to those sent in by contributers to this site. On your cruise, you'll receive the Cruise Compass the night before during turndown service. 

    Thank you for your assistance. I am trying to figure as much out as I can.

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