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  1. OK - The original poster above said this: "I have read the MDR menu for the first night as one of the people in our group wants to have dinner in the MDR because prime rib is served that night." She's not on the ship yet, so I'm assuming there's a set schedule online somewhere that she's read, otherwise how does she know there is prime rib on the first night?
  2. I know how to find the specialty menus, but how did she know what they were serving in the MDR on each day?
  3. Not for me - I am full alcohol all the way, lol, and looking forward to it (15 more days!). It's for my husband who doesn't drink, and my father. Thank you.
  4. I found this online but don't see any non-alcoholic beers listed.
  5. Hi there, I did a quick search but only saw one person mention O'Doul's. Are there other NA beer options? We're in Star class - is this something we can request ahead of time (for different options?), or does it have to be something they always carry on the ship? Thanks!
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