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  1. Thanks KW.. just what I needed to know... towels now relegated back to the airing cupboard!....
  2. Hi Doing my first cruise on Mariner of the Seas in Feb, do I need to pack a swimming towel for use around the pools or are the provided poolside? I am assuming shower towels are provided for use on the cabins? Thanks
  3. OK thanks for the warning on that! - any other "off limits" subjects I should consider? probably best not to mention the Titanic too often....
  4. Thanks BDR - more great tips comments and confirmations - they all help. This could be the start of a new way to travel for me as it seems to be something that most people repeat frequently once they have started!
  5. Thanks cruise-y - some reassuring comfort and truths contained in your words!, sounds like I will not stick out like a sore thumb after all.. and who knows it could all be a new beginning! Martin
  6. Thanks firegal "First I would suggest finding your Roll Call for your cruise on cruise critic's website" - OK not heard of this so will check it out, I have registered on the RC website to check my booking but I guess this is something else completely. Yes I had read about the "cruise compass" but was not aware that they did specifically refer to solo's before dinner, it sounds like a perfect way to blend in. Breakfast and lunch I am happy to go it alone but of course if after a day or so I have established some connections then all the better. "You will be surprised at how many solo travelers there are" - what is your opinion on solo's gender mix is it 50/50? obviously you can never tell but many times on other holiday types I have found that there are more female solo's, is that your experience with cruises? I'm sure I will think of more so be prepared!! Thanks again Martin
  7. I would be interested to hear your views once you get back from your first cruise as to whether it met your expectations. Yes I'm pretty adaptable to most situations and try to take the positives from any given problem - so if my shower doesn't work I will use the swimming pool! This was my bed for 6 weeks in Madagascar, the hut was shared between 3 of us...
  8. FManke - thanks for the tip about the bulletin board and yes I would be happy to look out for or start one.. I love travelling solo (once you do it you feel like you have conquered the world and its a big confidence boost) but I also love to share experiences with others, normally I book with a "solo's" based tour operator to visit my chosen destination and then meet with the others as travel/holiday buddies - its a great way to meet people of all ages and nationalities, however, the tour/cruise operators do not yet seem to have cottoned on to the massive solos market, or, those that do offer them are not very exotic or extremely expensive. I guess its because of the economics of creating maximum profits from selling double cabins on a boat! Yes its a long way off yet and I think I may have to go camping in August for a couple of weeks in the UK to fill in the gap! I have also started to read some pretty negative reports about the Mariner but I guess its like every review site you get mixed opinions, you get what you pay for and this was pretty cheap in comparison to many of the offerings, I could end up in some flea ridden cabin - not for the first time though having traveled round Kenya/Egypt/Madagascar in cheap accommodation!
  9. Hi all... Now booked on the Mariner of the seas departing and returning to Singapore 8th Feb 2018 for 7 nights. Firstly this is all new to me, if I am already repeating a well trodden path on this forum elsewhere then I apologise, I have had a quick whizz through and found 1 post which provided some pointers but wanted to start my own post for getting some feedback. As a mid 50's male I am familiar with solo travel (and solo travel in groups of solo's) as I have been doing that for the last 5 years (mostly roughing it in Africa or camping/trekking in the US), I don't mind my own company in places where people are limited in number, however, this cruise will be slightly different because although on my own, I will be completely surrounded by "couples and families". This I think may then just highlight the fact I am solo and maybe feel a little lost in a sea of people. I consider myself to be a normal sociable person and able to adapt to my immediate environment and always happy to meet new people of all ages etc but I hate to feel that I am possibly going to be imposing or interrupting someones else's holiday on this cruise. So a few questions spring to mind:- 1) Is it worth making the staff know that I am on my own and would they generally be willing to assist in identifying other solo's to perhaps create an aggregated group for dining and doing land excursions, on board activities etc? 2) If nothing like question 1 is available, what is the protocol at dinner to arranging a place at a table? do the waiters/maitre d' drag you along to a table and then request the other guests if "they mind if a stray sits with them" - that could be a bit embarrassing if they do! or do they have selected areas to place solos among other guests? 3) On shore excursions, how can I avoid becoming a "tail end charlie" as everyone else goes off and "does their thing"? Most experiences are better if shared, on other group holidays I have been on, the sharing and associated chatter etc has always been a great part of it during and afterwards, but I am a little concerned that this may not be quite the same. Thanks in anticipation Martin
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