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  1. I have a question that seems simple but I've called Royal Caribbean and got two different answers. We sail on the Allure on a 7 night cruise in two weeks. We're trying to plan and figure out how to set out our Seapass cards. We would prefer to use cash but the site says there is a deposit to set up a cash account. When we sailed a 4 day cruise on Enchantment two years ago, we set up a cash account and did not have to pay a deposit at all. My husband and I both called RC and he was told we had to put down $500 per room, and when I called, I was told there is no cash deposit required. If we choose credit or debit card, do they put a hold on at first (like a predetermined amount like $200, 500$ etc) or do they put the authorization holds on daily? I understand the cards aren't actually charged until the end of the cruise, but holds would still come off the available credit. Even if we ended up putting cash on our account, the holds would be there until they fall off. Right? Just trying to figure this out because I feel like we're getting different answers. We have a credit card we can use, but it doesn't have a huge limit. (500) We'll have the cash to use but were planning on using some from our direct deposit paychecks we get on day five of cruise. Any advice?
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