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Athens Tour April 23 from Spectrum of the Seas

Ron Max

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My wife and I are on the Spectrum of the Seas from April 18 to May 18th.  We are interested in sharing a tour of Athens with another couple or two.  We are open to any ideas.  I have information from 3 tour providers.  One of the better ones is below.  If interested, let me know and we will book a shared tour.

Ron Maxymyshyn

Victoria BC


Most popular tours of Athens 

1.The total cost for Full Day Athens (8-9 hours) is:

1 to 4 people 220€ or 5 to7 people 300€

2. The total cost for Athens & The Athenian Riviera Tour ( 6,30 hours) is:

1 to 4 people 185€ or 5 to7 people 275€

3. The total cost for Athens &The New Acropolis Museum Tour (6,30 hours) is:

1 to 4 people 185€ or 5 to7 people 275€ 

4. The total cost for a Half Day Athens Tour (5 hours) is:

1 to 4 people 145€ or 5 up to7 people 225€

Please for more tours and itineraries click the following link:  http://www.athenstours.gr/exclusive-private-athens-tours/

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