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Found 4 results

  1. Hey im going on my first cruise with my family in January and ive heard so much about the food on cococay and I was wondering a couple of things. Can you take food off of cococay back with you onto the ship? Im a small eater normally so I wouldn't be able to shove down all the great sounding food in such a short time :) also if I have the soda package will I have to pay extra for getting the soda from the Island? Ive seen a lot of people saying about a 12% fee per drink on the island. Thanks for any help im rather excited about going just not about all the food I know I am going to eat lol
  2. Hey everyone I bought the soda package on Black Friday ,but since then have found out that soda really messes me up so I've been trying to cancel it . However for some reason every time I press cancel it takes me to the review cancellation screen but there is no button to complete the cancellation. There is a button to cancel the cancellation but not to complete it. Thanks for any help you can give.
  3. Can anyone tell me the prices for like Soda and milk shakes and everything with out the boos. (I dont drink) I am thinking should I get the soda package for my 7 night cruise or just pay one by one. I am thinking it would be nice to just buy it so no worries but worry if I do that I would be over paying with the soda package.
  4. Greetings Cruisers, It has been a few years since our last RCL, 2016. Has the soda package jumped up in price recently? I recall it being under $8 a day, and they are asking $9.99 a day and calling that 20% off. Did I miss something; am I reading that wrong? Also wondering, are the freestyle machines on all ships now? Thanks for your feedback friends. Super excited to be coming back to RCL for a second cruise. Julia_Jackal
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