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Found 2 results

  1. I just found a quiz that tests your knowledge of RCI's fleet. ? If you tried the quiz, please reply your results below......it took me a couple times to get 100%! ?
  2. Earlier this year, I posted a Drink Package Decision Tree based on a post by DisneyBartenderScott. The original thread can be seen here: http://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php/topic/1469-royal-caribbean-drink-package-decision-tree/?hl=%2Bdecision+%2Btree In trying to update the decision tree with the various sales going on and the streamlining of the drink package, I found that doing so was nearly impossible. So instead, I came up with a 10-item quiz to help you decide if you should consider purchasing the drink package. If you score above a 5, you should contemplate purchasing the drink package. If you score a 7 or higher, the drink package seems to be a slam dunk in my opinion. Also, feel free to suggest revisions and/or new items. For example, I would suspect Matt would suggest something about distributing the costs. Update: A self-scoring version of the test can be taken here: https://testmoz.com/922297 Deluxe Drink Package Decision Test Answer TRUE or FALSE for the following items: 1. I like to have more than just a glass or two of wine with dinner each night. 2. I like to drink specialty coffees and/or bottled water each day. 3. I will be dining in multiple specialty restaurants during my cruise. 4. I drink four or more alcoholic drinks per day. 5. I am not a Diamond, Diamond Plus, Pinnacle member of the Crown and Anchor Society. 6. I have a lot of sea days during my cruise. 7. I plan to arrive as early as possible on embarkation day. 8. My itinerary includes Coco Cay or Labadee. 9. I enjoy starting my day with a morning cocktail (e.g., mimosa or Blood Mary). 10. I can take advantage of a discount by prepurchasing the drink package before my cruise. Scoring Instructions: Add up the number of TRUE answers. If you answered TRUE for 5 or more, consider buying the drink package. If you answered TRUE to 7 or more items, the drink package is likely your best option. Important considerations: Item #1: If you answered FALSE but enjoy a glass of wine or two with dinner, consider bringing on two bottles of wine with you. Royal Caribbean allows two bottles of wine to be brought on per cabin and does not charge a corkage fee. Item #4: If you answered FALSE but still like specialty coffees, frozen drinks without alcohol, etc., consider the Refreshment package. Item #7: If you are boarding late, then purchasing the package after Day 1 to save a little money.
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