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Found 2 results

  1. I am mainly looking for advice on this subject and what to do and where to go from here. I am may be opening myself up to a lot of hate or criticism , but here goes. And sorry for such a long post. After I booked my cruise everything was going fine, I ended up booking a B2B - worked well with Customer Service it was great super excited! I then called back with a question about something (not sure I remember what at this point), the customer service individual I was speaking to - was looking stuff up for me and was chatting and asked "so any special reason you are going on this cruise, or what made you think about doing a B2B" something along those lines - I replied that I was a little nervous but excited as this would be my first solo cruise and knowing that RCL has had good reviews with LGBT travel sites and that celebrity is owned by the same company and celebrity has lgbt single cruises - I thought since I havent been traveling like I used to now would be the time. I received dead silence for a good 20 seconds and then the agent started to give me the answer to my question - but was down right nasty and rude. I was taken aback for sure. Anyways the call ended and I went on my way passing it off. A second time I called and asked if with covid protocols they were still doing LGBT meet-ups on board and if they would be listed in the compass as they used to - the answer was a phone hanging up. At this point I was annoyed. However as things keep changing and evolving because of covid and changes in destinations I thought maybe I will just stick to the text messaging customer service - I dont remember the entire conversation but something LGBT related came up again - because frankly, why should I hide anything and this is customer service that I am talking to, just looking for answer - I received the following text back - which I include a picture of "I am not engaging with this person any longer." This is the point where I decided to escalate things and spoke to a gentlemen in the resolution department (I guess the supervisors of customer service). I told him what was going on and he was appalled - rightly so, we spent over an hour on the phone he was apologizing right and left- made me feel some much better. And I told him I am not looking to get anyone in trouble (I have the agents first names) but all I was looking for was some solid answers. He told me that if I had any questions or concerns to email him. Great - problem solved. Well that was more than two weeks ago - I emailed him with some minor questions and I also emailed him shortly after our first conversation that if he could let someone above him know what was going on - because I believe no one should be discriminated against or talked to in such a manner. I have heard nothing in return - a similar incident happened on Sunday when I was discussing safety concerns if our cruise had to go to a different destination (such as Jamaica or Belize - as both countries it is a crime to be LGBT and people are sometimes kidnapped and killed) I said obvisouly I would stay on the ship and not go site seeing but my question was regarding how the ports were set up and if they had shops right there so that if I did get off the boat I could not go far if there was stuff right there. I emailed him about this. Nothing. This morning I asked a agent thru the text line how I would get in touch with a supervisor of the resolution team - I was asked well what is it regarding so I can direct you to the right place. I told the agent a very brief statement about it. The agent stopped talking - I said hello? Still there? That was 6 hours ago. I thought at first I was just imagining it - but after a few more times, unless I am loosing my marbles. And I KNOW it is not everyone - and I know for certain the staff on the boat are the ones that make the trip and they are wonderful. But its a little unfortunate that I have to go thru any of this just to get a simple answer to questions about Royal gifts, GTY rooms, ports of call. So I guess my point is - where do I go from here - who do I talk to? Or do I just continue to try with customer service and hope I get a decent person. But when I was told by the resolution specialist who was so kind about everything and wanted to do anything to make it up to me - and I email him as he stated to do and I hear nothing and since I hear nothing from him I have to have other incidents occur. Again sorry for the long post and I hope everyone is cool with me posting about this.
  2. Okay so my cruise Oasis of the Seas embarking on April 2nd 2017, is my Fiance and I's honeymoon. I was playing around on the Royal Gifts page and found the Romance Package for champagne, strawberries, chocolates, and flowers; and I also found the Just Married deluxe room decor package. I wanted to order them to be ready on embarkation day but when I enter mine or my fiance's name or our reservation number, it says it can't be found and refers me to call. Has anyone else had this issue? Should I just call to add this to our room? Has anyone had experience with either of these gift packages or something similar? Did they seem worth it? Thanks in advance guys!
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