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Found 4 results

  1. How did you guys go about getting the $300 from Royal or contact executives? I noticed others mentioning this when they have had lost luggage. I am super frustrated. We disembarked on Friday, Oct 28, 2022 from Freedom of the seas and my luggage was deemed “lost”. The customer service phone number says I have to wait 7-10 business days to see if my luggage “shows up”. The thing is… I had my luggage. I was right by the exit of the port and took my hand off of it to put my birth certificate in my backpack and stepped out the door. My bag was right in my sight and I wasn’t allowed to grab it since it was in the building and I was out of it. It was then deemed “suspicious” until the cruise disembarked entirely and the bag was searched which was like 4 hours later and we had a flight to catch. The port agent took my information so that they could ship the bag to me after (at my expense) but I haven’t heard a thing. Every time we try to contact Royal they have no record of it and say to just wait 7-10 business days to see if it “shows up”. It was right there. It was never lost!!! All the phone calls are like 45 min waits and zero help. The person that took my information obviously failed to follow through.
  2. Hi everyone! Have a question hope someone can shine some light here. I do know that when traveling by air green card holders get fingerprinted upon returning to the US is this the same for closed loop cruises do green card holder get fingerprinted by customs upon return (disembarkation) just curious thanks!
  3. Can anyone please comment on how smoothly/quickly the customs process is in Vancouver when one is disembarking? We will be disembarking RC Radiance of Seas on 6/14/2019. I have found info that says there will be 3 ships disembarking that day (Radiance of Seas 7 a.m. start, Crystal Symphony 8 a.m. start, and Azamara Quest, no time specified). I'm trying to guestimate how much time to allot for getting off the ship (we will do the express, carry your own luggage option, hopefully at 7 am) and navigating customs to then get to a pre-booked car rental less than 15 minutes from Canada Place, where we arrive/disembark. Any feedback/info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Can anybody tell me how long it might take to get of the ship in Falmouth, Jamaica, in this case the Serenade of the Seas? Any suggestions to get off the quickest? Our ship is supposed to dock at 9:00 a.m. and we are supposed to meet someone at 9:30 a.m. a few blocks from the port.
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