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Found 2 results

  1. I was on a cruise last week (feb 2020) and got my club royale prime membership. I want to ask if my prime status ends on march 31 this year and resets to zero or is it valid Until next year which is march 31, 2021? Thanks!!
  2. After joining Club Royale, they then track your gambling practices. I have heard that if you sit and play the $5 slots an average of 3hrs a day (or $1600 on a 7 night cruise), they will give you a stateroom for just the port fees. Or, play the tables and bet a min of $25 for an average 2 hours a day. If this is correct, this beats the tiered level system Royal has. Has a Diamond ever been comped a room because they are cruising a lot. Our cruising habits are to cruise a minimum of every 2 months. I think we cruise a lot. We have never been comped a room, never and upgrade, in fact we are just going Diamond Plus and we have never, never been given a pin or acknowlegement except it says Diamond on our seapass card. We'll be Diamond Plus on our next cruise and we'll see if we get a pin. We used to play the slots a lot but have avoided the on-board casino because of all the smoke. Are they ever going to get in line with things and just ban the smokers. We walked threw the casino on our way to a show (while they were closed), and went back to the room to shower because we both smelled of smoke. Is this correct about the Club Royale benefits?
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