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  1. I'm almost positive it will be. I've gotten so much help from everyone. I'm so excited
  2. This news depresses me some. I absolutely LOVE pastrami, and really don't care for roast beef. This may go down into the con column when I do my post cruise review. But I'm also positive I'll have an absolute blast...with or without my favorite lunch meat
  3. thanks everyone. i appreciate your input
  4. Mom came up with a good question I didn't think of.... How much money should she bring to spend on our 3 day cruise to the Bahamas? Gratuities and excursions will be pre paid. So will drink packages. Thanks in advance.
  5. as for ship, my first cruise will be Enchantment of the Seas, but look forward to sailing on any, possibly all in the future
  6. Hey all. Just curious if pastrami or salami is available on ship, at perhaps Park Cafe. Also curious to know if Prime Rib is served anywhere in the fleet. My next food thought is for an opinion of the best restaurant option in Nassau. Dad wants to try conch.
  7. once again, thanks Doc. I sometimes feel foolish, and hesitate to ask the questions that pop up in my head
  8. I'm booked on Enchantment of the Seas, Feb. 17-20, 2017
  9. Hey y'all, thanks for answering me on my Port of Miami question.. I have another question now. I am booked on Enchantment out of Miami, Feb 2017. It's my mothers birthday. We leave port at 730pm. Will Chops Grill be open? If so, what time can we take advantage of Mom's bday special dinner?
  10. if we leave port at 730pm, how early can we embark? been over ten years since my last cruise. first for my parents. we're in a grand suite.
  11. thanks everyone.. I appreciate the info. nervous about going to such a large port with 2 first time cruisers (my parents)
  12. just curious about this port as i've only cruised out of canaveral. can you give me your opinion on this please? i'm booked on Enchantment, february 2017
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