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  1. We found the same issue, when speaking directly to a Quest rep. We decided to purchase the test offered by RC. It had a problem with my microphone on my phone, but was still able to chat with the test proctor. . AFter doing mine we called in again, did my husbands, and smooth sailing. Had our test emailed to us in less than 10 min. Easily done at home, with no worries if accepted by R/C
  2. Great options for dining are located right at Port Canaveral. Had lunch at Fish Lips the day before our cruise, great Caesar Salad, Shrimp Tacos. Hubby had Grouper sandwich, with salad. Sat outside on the desk, watched the dolphin play, the entire time. Went back in the evening for appetizers and drinks at Gators Dockside. Wasn’t bad, shared Nachos & Egg Rolls. Sat outside again and watched MSC depart from the port. Ship certainly did not look full at all, so wondered if they were picking up more passengers, or what. Would highly recommend these dining options at the port. Most dining options near hotel seemed to be fast food or locally owned smaller restaurants. Didn’t have time to day any of the locally owned. Hope this his helpful to cruisers.
  3. Wonderful option, if you are coming a day early, or staying another day. You are right across the highway from the cruise port. Hampton offers a great pool area, pool bar, Mon - Thur; 5:00-10pm. Great breakfast before setting sail. Rooms are very well kept, and staff, very pleasant. I would certainly recommend this option.
  4. So ready to walk on board. 1st cruise. Everyone that we’ve spoken to said, we made a great FIRST CHOICE with Royal Caribbean. 11:00 here we come.
  5. Awesome, I'm sure my husband will be up bright and early. How early can we disembark to Coco?
  6. Awesome, I'm sure my husband will be up bright and early. How early can we disembark to Coco?
  7. Your are truly the EXPERT, so we will stick with our plans. So looking forward to it. ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT!
  8. We splurged and booked the BEACH CLUB for that day. Now the weather looks like 50% chance of rain. Now I'm worried that we have made the wrong decision and blown almost $500 dollars. How late do I have to cancel, or how does the RC handle these weather situations? Appreciate your experiences.
  9. So we have reservations for the Beach Club this coming weekend. The weather forecast, I believe is 50%. Not feeling really good about that, and the fact that we dropped $500 for that experience. Just saying.
  10. We are leaving on IOS this Friday. We check in at 11/11:30. Will be be able to go straight to our outside stateroom? Don’t want to be carrying a lot around with us.
  11. Our Check-in time is between 11:00/11:30 on May 27; IOS; Port Canaveral. How early can we drop off our luggage at the terminal? This is our first cruise. Thanks
  12. So this is our first cruise, I’m ashamed to say, so don’t beat me up too much….My travel summary CRUISE ITINERAY does not match the RC Website Itinerary for our trip on IOS - May 27, 2022. How do I know which is actually correct? It’s
  13. yea, don't plan to be a member of that club. tks
  14. Recommendations in Nassau since our time in port has been shortened. We’re afraid to do an excursion even thru Royal Caribbean since we need to be back by 3. This is our first cruise. We are cruising in IOS Memorial Day 2022. Welcome any ideas
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