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  1. Then Walgreens and cvs around here are quoting 3-5 day averages due to increase demand the only way to get them faster is to pay 125-160 per person
  2. Im trying hard not to spend 600 for a family of 4 if possible. I have the antigen appt for thurs evening as a last resort
  3. Is anyone having problems getting back their results in 48 hours time? Getting worried scheduled test 2 days before but am hearing it is taking 3-5 days. .. tried to schedule a test at the port of los angeles but the link doesn't work...
  4. So have been searching for how many formal nights and when.. I must be old or inept as I have fallen short to find a similar sailing post covid and my invoice looks very different to those that have posted including the formal nights. Also not sure if I shoukd call cruiseline about my time dining. I dont remember booking my time dining with kids but have been seeing posts regarding being unable.. both kids are under 12 but fully vaccinated.. help!!
  5. First cruise since pandemic, scheduled to leave new years eve... any thoughts or rumors heard since the 48 cases?
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