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  1. Great information thankyou everyone ? We was wondering how quickly the specialty dining restraunts get booked up for the 9 days. Weather its worth it or not to even book them. Apparently from people we know, the main dining room included with the ticket has amazing food but they havnt cruised for 15 years. Is it still great? or will we be looking for something a bit different after a few days do you think?
  2. Hello everybody, Me and my wife just singed up to take our dream vacation around the Caribbean for 9 nights on the allure of the seas. Its our very delayed honeymoon :D. Our big confusion is about gratuity. Gratuity - We have heard differing things about gratuity, last thing we want to do is not tip the staff correctly. I have heard that gratuity is included in the ship fare, I have heard that Gratuity is added onto the end of the cruise, we also saw a pre paid gratuity option for $215~ dollars to add at booking. So my question is, have we already paid for gratuity by paying for the cruise? If not, and we use the prepaid gratuity option, are we still expected to leave tips for our waiter/room staff?
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