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  1. GREAT SITE!!!!  I am enjoying reading the posts and thanks for adding me.  DH and I are Diamond Plus members and we booked a cruise with our daughter, her hubs, and the 2 grand kids on Oasis in Sept. and we are springing for the voyage. We wanted to purchase the drink package, but heard that if you wait until you are onboard the ship, they offer D+ discounts as much as 30%, is this true? I have read, yes, no, I don't know, so I guess no one really knows. My cruise planner right now is offering a 30% discount in advance for the Ultimate, but that includes Zoom, which I don't want, so it's still the same price. I only want to purchase the Ultimate package for the 4 of us. They are Diamond, so I understand their discount would be 20%. Crown and Anchor is useless, they don't have a clue.

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