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Royal Caribbean capitalizes on local to make big push in social media in 2015


Social media has never been more popular and a recent study looked at how cruise lines used social media, particularly on Facebook, in 2015 to see how each company fared.

The survey pulled data on many Facebook page interactions each cruise line gained on Facebook, including all the likes, comments and shares from users on the cruise line's posts from January 1 through December 1, 2015.

The survey results are as follows

  1. Disney Cruise Line (2.67 million Page interactions)
  2. Carnival Cruise Line (2.64 million Page interactions)
  3. Princess Cruises (1.47 million Page interactions)
  4. Norwegian Cruise Line 1.31 million Page interactions)
  5. Royal Caribbean International (1.31 million Page interactions)

On the surface, it looks as though Royal Caribbean came in last among that group, but the study did notice that Royal Caribbean's performance was actually the opposite of that.

"It’s important to note a couple facts, though, that say the opposite: first, the Royal Caribbean International Facebook Page that ranked in the top 5 is a Global Page; Royal Caribbean also has local Pages, including for countries like Brazil and Mexico. For these two local Pages in particular for example, they gained an additional 674,000 interactions. It’s well known that local Pages tend to receive higher engagement per fan than Global ones because local Pages are able to cater their content better. Thus, local Pages tend to be a great move by larger international companies who have many different markets. In this sense, Royal Caribbean is doing a great job on Facebook catering to different audiences."

Royal Caribbean kicks off new social media marketing with live broadcasts on Periscope today


Royal Caribbean begins a big social media push today with the launch of "Come Seek Live" marketing campaign on Periscope.

Royal Caribbean is using the social media app Periscope to integrate on billboards on the streets of New York City, as part of the company's "Come Seek" campaign.  Periscope and the billboards will showcase live interactions with adventurers aboard Anthem of the Seas, as she sails to five distinct Caribbean destinations.

The "Come Seek Live" experiences begin today and will encompass 13 live broadcasts from five islands over seven days.

COME SEEK LIVE will be streamed to subway displays and newsstand screens at hyper-targeted locations around the city including Grand Central, Penn Station, Union Square, West 14th and 7th Ave., 86th and Lexington Ave., Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall, and Fulton Center.

Streaming events will begin at the Las Playas natural water slide in Puerto Rico and adventure-hop from playing with green monkeys at the Wildlife Reserve in Barbados to riding ATVs in St. Maarten or enjoying a post-expedition refreshment made by a robot at Anthem’s Bionic Bar.

Periscope followers will be able to direct the adventurers next steps with the unfolding story showing followers what they could be doing right at that moment onboard a Royal Caribbean adventure.

Royal Caribbean senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Jim Berra, is excited for Come Seek Live to begin, "COME SEEK LIVE is an exciting way for Royal Caribbean to challenge the misperceptions travelers have about the cruise industry. We are continually evolving the experience across our fleet, designing adventures that inspire and excite our travelers.  It is natural that we would bring this innovation to the transformation of our marketing as well, especially as we recognize that millennials require us to communicate with them using new channels."

To join in the COME SEEK LIVE expedition, follow Royal Caribbean on Periscope at www.Periscope.TV/RoyalCaribbean.

13 useful Royal Caribbean cruise tips from that I learned from Periscope


Have you heard about the brand new video streaming app called Periscope?

It is essentially an app that allows people to stream live video from anywhere they have a signal and we, at Royal Caribbean Blog, are on Periscope too! (Follow us at @theRCLblog)

Last night we were chatting together about taking a Royal Caribbean cruise and I posed a question to my friends that joined me, "Share with everyone your best Royal Caribbean cruise tip."

Wow, there were some some really great ideas and I wanted to share the best of them right here on the blog.

Lisabeme2: Book onboard for the NextCruise booking bonus.

AVFD102: Get to the port early and use a porter.

RKSister: Don't overpack.  Wear clothing more than once, such as pants or shorts.

Bill1125: Book a suite to get Concierge access because at disembarkation, you get to use secret elevators and encounter no lines leaving the ship.

Jamesw32: Don't wait to go home to give feedback.  Get any concerns resolved onboard.

Daboyz1223: Wear a swimsuit onto the ship in embarkation day because your luggage may not get to your stateroom for a while.

Lisabeme2: Do the VIP All Access Tour at least once.

CraigOchs: Pack a highlighter to use for the Cruise Compass.

Kevinkline5: Walk as part of the "Walk for Wishes" charity event onboard.

Bill1125: Bring ice cream to the pool bar and amazing drinks can happen.

RKSister: Book My Time Dining a few days in advance before your cruise.

Jamesw32: Progressive trivia is a great way to meet new friends, especially if you are cruising solo.

Kris1208: Just enjoy and relax.

What are your best Royal Caribbean tips? Share them in the comments!

The 15 best recent Royal Caribbean tweets


We love social media because it makes communicating with folks so much simpler and Royal Caribbean has embraced it too.  

Royal Caribbean has a presence on many social media platforms, including Facebook, Tumblr and Google + (their MySpace account is oddly missing), but we feel their Twitter account is the most entertaining.

Royal Caribbean uses Twitter mostly to share news, help guests with getting more information and otherwise sharing amazing images and video.  But occasionally, they will slip in some entertaining tweets that we love because it shows they have a sense of humor and try to make us laugh.

Without further adieu, here are our favorite @RoyalCaribbean tweets that we could dig up.  Enjoy!

We also discovered that Royal Caribbean likes to quote popular songs.

Royal Caribbean awards Holler its social media business


Royal Caribbean's social media presence will be managed by Holler following a review of its social media strategy, according to Campaign.

By going with Holler, Royal Caribbean will use one company only instead of its previous strategy of splitting the work among different agencies.

Royal Caribbean’s $90 million global advertising account is handled by a WPP group comprising JWT and Mindshare, based in New York. 

Royal Caribbean used social media blitz to benefit from Princess Cruises' TV show


In an interview with TTG Digital, Royal Cribbean UK and Ireland managing director Stuart Leven said Royal Caribbean used social media to benefit from a rival cruise line's television show.

Princess Cruises was the star of a ITV documentary called, The Cruise Ship, and during its airiings, Royal Caribbean engaged in an intense social media strategy to target people watching the show.

Leven said Royal Caribbean hired a media agency for the four-weeks that the documentary aired to respond to every hashtag about the documentary. 

Leven told TTG Digital, “During that four-week period we had 411,000 social interactions.  We have seen notable bookings generated as a result of this activity.” 

Leven did not disclose how many bookings resulted from the efforts.

Royal Caribbean and importance of social media


Royal Caribbean CEO Adam Goldstein was interviewed by Travel Weekly about the new found importance social media has both for Royal Caribbean and its passengers.

"Social media has become an overwhelming force in our society today. It is perfect for us. We are in an environment that overhwhelmingly satisfies guests. They want to share their experience with others who are not on the ship with them. They want to do that with video, pictures and postcards, things that take bandwidth that is hard for us to provide now. "

Goldstein indicated that Royal Caribbean is putting more emphasis on advertising its cruises in the social media realms. Specifically, Royal Caribbean is investing in Facebook, banner ads, paid search and other ways of getting into the online environment.

The importance in using social media by travel companies to spread the word while on vacation is an emerging trend.  Recently Walt Disney World announced it will roll out free WiFi internet access in its theme parks, which will help facilitate the use of social media in its parks.  Perhaps Royal Caribbean is in a similar grouping.