Jared's Trip Report

Jewel of the Seas
4 Nights

I was most impressed with the ship. This was mine and my wife's 4th cruise with RCI. We've cruised on Sovereign, Monarch, and Mariner. This was our favorite. Lots of options for entertainment, beverages, and food. Radiance is known for it's glass and it was obvious. Beautiful!

What was your motivation to take a cruise?: 
This was cheaper and easier than renting a cabin for two days in the mountains. Once you tack on food, fuel, entertainment, etc., it's more price effective (and fun) than other options out there. Plus, the off season has more deals, giving you more bang for your buck.
What was a highlight of your cruise?: 
One of the best highlights of this past cruise was the weather the last day at sea. 15 ft swells, 40+ mph winds, it made the cruise entertaining. Of course, my wife would disagree, but the staff and crew had to think on their feet and pulled off some fun and entertaining things to do since it was cold and windy outside.
What did you dislike about your cruise?: 
It took Guest Relations time for their system to boot up, meaning we could load cash on our Sea Pass Account until after dinner.
Did you do any excursions?: 
How was your cabin?: 
Two words: cozy cabin. This was our first interior stateroom. We've had balconies, standard exterior and even exterior rooms consisting of simply a porthole. I enjoyed the interior the best actually. It gets pitch black at night. The only downfall is the being on a lower deck and towards the front of the ship. Needless to say, the 15 ft swells did not make the trip enjoyable during that time.
How was the food on the ship?: 
Food was awesome. RCI allows you to be adventurous and try new things. In the dining room, you're not just limited to one appetizer or one entree. Get two, or three! Don't like something? Send it back and try something else.
Would you cruise again on this ship?: