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Beretta's Trip Report

Explorer of the Seas
Promenade View

Before writing this I must add that all of our party are Crown & Anchor Diamond members, and, as such have a really good knowledge of what we "SHOULD" have experienced, but sadly did not.

We were on the September 2011 Canada & New England cruise, and going on what Royal Caribbean state is "GOLD ANCHOR SERVICE", they advertise features that should add to your enjoyment, but when taken away, dull what should have been a good cruise.

After two days, they, without any warning closed the solarium pool and started stripping all the tiles from the walls and floor of the pool, thus making it impossible to swim there, or really use the facility due to the noise, then when tiling the smell from the adhesive made you want to get out asap.

On an English speaking ship, I have to ask if it was too much trouble to get an English speaking waiter, for when there were problems and he was told about them, all he did was smile, say thank you and walk away, and the under waiter would be better keeping his hands to himself, for even on formal nights when the ladies on our table were wearing shoulder less dresses, he still placed his hands on their bare shoulders when serving, again the waiter was told, and again he smiled, said thank you and walked off.

There was also obviously a bread shortage on this sailing, as all we ever got at main meal second sitting was "ONE" bread roll, and when "Cherries Jubilee" appeared on the menu,it should now be entered as "Cheery Jubilee" for the portions ranged from "ONE" to "FOUR" cherries in a sickly cough mixture, again a complaint to the waiter, and again a smile and off he went.

Why was this, when the ship was at least six hundred (600) passengers short of a full ship, confirmed by the head waiter.

Please check your on board bills carefully for we found money added to our bill in the Portafino as a tip, which we did not add, and which ever way RC want to excuse this, it is theft from a passenger.

Diamond members and above are supposed to get priority departure from the ship, but having left the ship and then having to sit on a freezing cold coach with the air con blowing fully cold for eighty (80), yes one hour twenty minutes, whilst all those who are not on a priority departure arrive from the ship and board the coach totally defeats the object of having a priority departure., would an extra coach have bankrupted RC?

Please also be aware that even if you have had a major problem on board "ANY" RC ships in the past,  justified, and confirmed by Royal Caribbean, a record of this is kept on board all RC ships with customer services.

All of these items and more were notified to Royal Caribbean by both letter and e-mail, and following a phone call today 15.11.2011, from a Laura at RC in Miami, all of these items are to be expected, did not in her opinion detract from the cruise, but will be dealt with internally, and as for compensation, "FORGET IT", so RC please tell me, if they did not detract from the cruise enjoyment, why do you feel there is a need for internal discipline???????

We have sailed on the Explorer of the Seas before in the Caribbean, and it was brilliant, and this was the yardstick by which we judged the reduction in quality and service we received this time, but hey,if this is what Royal Caribbean now think we should now expect and accept, then sorry you have lost the plot. 

What was your motivation to take a cruise?: 
Many previous cruises with Royal Caribbean
What was a highlight of your cruise?: 
What did you dislike about your cruise?: 
Everything as listed above.
Did you do any excursions?: 
We never do, as we find it lots, lots cheaper to arrange them ourselves at the ports etc.
How was your cabin?: 
Very clean, but others of our party, again in a promenade view cabin, had a badly stained green settee, which Royal Caribbeans answer to, was to just throw a white sheet over it, how very "GOLD ANCHOR SERVICE".
How was the food on the ship?: 
All food in the Windjammer and Portafino was excellent, as for the main dining room, please see earlier comments.
Would you cruise again on this ship?: