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Alyssa Farelli's Trip Report

Explorer of the Seas
Suite with a balcony

How big and beautiful the boat was. I had an amazing time. Great food. Great shopping centers. And I went to a game show. SO MUCH FUN!! :) I had a great time. My room attendent was AMAZZIINNGG!! So was my waitor. Thank you John and Prem! And thanks to all the hard workers on and off the boat. THANK YOU BERMUDA!!! Keep up the good work! By the way I can't get over how the pools were filled with salt water! Anyways thank you and good luck to all.

What was your motivation to take a cruise?: 
That I didn't have to pay for it and that I would travel the world :)
What was a highlight of your cruise?: 
I can't choose
What did you dislike about your cruise?: 
How much seafood they served
Did you do any excursions?: 
How was your cabin?: 
Beautiful. But the balcony wasn't too pleasant.
How was the food on the ship?: 
Would you cruise again on this ship?: