Mary Rinn's Cruise Review

Brilliance of the Seas
11 days
we ate last night with a couple from the chicago suburbs whose luggage was dumped into the st lawrence river in quebec upon embarkation.  rci was not very helpful and the couple's vacation was ruined as they had to shop for clothes at the first two ports not even knowing whether royal caribbean would pay for them.  boo to royal caribbean. 
What was your motivation to take a cruise?: 
see the maritime provinces
What was a highlight of your cruise?: 
What did you dislike about your cruise?: 
lack of staff, cutback in food, lack of wheelchairs at embarkation, meanness of guest relations staff.
Did you do any excursions?: 
we did an excursion in every port
How was your cabin?: 
cabin steward dennis was the best i have encountered.
How was the food on the ship?: 
only ok
Would you cruise again on this ship?: