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Quantum of the Seas Live Blog - Day 4 - Sea Day

04 Jan 2021

Our last day onboard Quantum of the Seas as we sail back to Singapore.

Despite it being the last day, and the reminder of having to pack our bags came to mind, we continued the day like a normal day at sea.


We learned more about the towel animals while stateroom attendants artfully created them during a public demonstration.

Next, we hit the outer decks as we soak in the views of the sea.

Then, it was onto more entertainment options like John Taylor Magic, Comedy/Juggler Steve Rawlings for guests to enjoy as well if they have not seen the show the previous days.

The Two70 Headliner show with Steve comes with a special presentation by the Robots. Both shows were enjoyable and entertaining. 

We dined at Coastal Kitchen, where we were once again served delicious meals made by the excellent team.

For entertainment for our last evening aboard, we relaxed at the famous Schooner Bar on deck five, where we were getting our last drink of the night before the bars closed at 10pm mandated under local regulations.

After 10.30pm, as the glasses fell silent we sat back, relaxed and were entertained by the Pianist Paul who played out some wonderful songs from the 70s, 80s etc with hits by Bon Jovi, The Beatles and more!

Bottled Water was our drinks now but we couldn't care. The Pianist was the one we had our attention on. 

Supper was in the form of Peanut Butter Jelly and BBQ Wings with some alcohol we had already stashed in our room from earlier in the day. If you want to consume alcohol after 10.30pm, you can only do it in your room. 

At our midnight walk around, we noticed that the Christmas tree had already been taken down. And so starts our countdown until the next Christmas cruise onboard Quantum of the Seas, in the near future.

Thanks for following our updates for the past two weeks! We appreciate all the likes and comments, as well as chats we’ve had with some of you. We also bumped into some of our followers onboard, and it was nice meeting all of you.

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Till next time!

Quantum of the Seas Live Blog - Day 3 - Sea Day

03 Jan 2021

Our New Year holiday continues onboard the beautiful Quantum of the Seas. 

Bumper Cars

Today we experience going on bumper cars with some new changes. You are now now required to make a reservation on your Royal App for a ride.

Bumper Car sessions are about two and a half minutes per session.

Social distancing measures were in place and the queues were snaking up the second floor. However, the crew did a great job at managing the queue and the crowd. 

Music Hall 

Guests will now be seated instead of standing for performances in the Music Hall.

As there are limited seats, you will need to come early to get a spot.

There was also a TV set up in the second level of Music Hall for guests who are unable to see the performance seating in the chairs due to the obstruction. The performance we attended was Beatles Maniacs.

Music was good and we enjoyed it.

Concierge Club

Exclusive for Sky and Star Class Guests Only.

The concierge club offers a quiet relaxation away from the other areas of the ship.

There is a continental breakfast option and complementary cocktail hours including alcoholic drinks are served during select hours in the evening.

There is great view of the wake too!

Unfortunately due to social distancing measures, Pinnacle Members are not allowed in the lounge. 

Cafe @ Two70

Located near Two70, the cafe serves light snacks, coffees and salads which are all complimentary.

Due to social distancing measures, there is a dedicated seating area just behind the Two70, however, you are unable to bring your food further into the Two70 like you used to be able to. 

Starwater: Reservations Required

Like the other shows, guests were escorted to their seats and at the end of the show, they will be leaving according to the different zones there are in.

It is a visual spectacle with the robots and live performance artistry. 

Supper was in Sorrentos, where we feasted on pizza and light snacks from the Cafe Promenade. 

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Quantum of the Seas Live Blog - Day 2 - Sea Day

02 Jan 2021

Its the New Year! 

Waking up to a New Year onboard Quantum of the Seas was refreshing and a new change compared to ashore!

We explored the outer decks as the ship slowly navigated the busy Malacca Straits while the crew wished everyone a happy new year throughout the ship.

Walking around the ship there were New Year decorations, including artfully crafted fruit in the Windjammer,  that welcomed the New Year.


The North Star on New Year was a must-do, as we headed up just before dinner giving us a view of the ship. 

The thrill and the uniqueness of it being the only activity at sea that does this is probably why we love the North Star. And of course the gorgeous views! 

Since this was New Year, we celebrated the New Year with Champagne at Coastal Kitchen during dinner where to our delight, the menu had most of our favorite dishes! Food and service was top notch as always. 

We ended the evening again with the Royal Theatre production show Sequins and Feathers.

We couldn't have ask for a better way to celebrate the New Year! 


Photos: Royal Caribbean cruise ship celebrates New Years Eve

01 Jan 2021

Welcome to Royal Caribbean International Quantum of the Seas New Year Holiday Cruise!

This is the first New Year Cruise since the restart of sailings in Singapore, and we take a look at how things have changed as more than 2,000 guests were eager to celebrate the New Year onboard! 

The usual New Year party that everyone had experience before on Royal Caribbean has since changed. Say farewell to Balloon Drops at the Royal Esplanade, parties and more.

Champagne at Midnight in public areas is not allowed due to local laws in Singapore, which do not permit the consumption of alcohol after 10.30pm. You can only drink alcohol in your cabin. 

Instead, countdown to the new year is held in venues around the ship, like Two70, Schooner Bar, Music Hall, Boleros and even Adventure Ocean for the kids. Each of these venues will have limited capacity. 


Fireworks were broadcast live from local television networks in Singapore, while Quantum's horn can be heard on the outer decks just as we sailed into 2021!

There is still the Holiday Dinner Menu serving special dishes like turkey, ham and more. The New Year's Eve menu is very similar to the Christmas night dinner menu.

Even though the New Year celebration was scaled down, we felt it was the best Royal Caribbean could have done with the current regulations in place.

We could see that everyone from the management to the crew were putting in their best effort in making this countdown a memorable one to remember for guests and crew alike.

We definitely enjoyed the countdown and as we bid farewell to 2020, we will like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 

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Quantum of the Seas Live Blog - Day 3 - Sea Day

31 Dec 2020

We started the day with a PCR test in our suite before heading for breakfast in the main dining room.

Next up was a Star Class specialty dining exclusive. We headed to Izumi and Jamie’s Italian where we enjoyed the best of the dishes from both restaurants. 

Our final show of the day was a talented Violinist from Ukraine, Viktoria Stryzhark, which featured a wide array of music on her violin, such as Game Thrones, Pirates Of The Caribbean and more.

The highlight of the day was Chefs Table; a Star Class perk where we enjoyed special delicacies crafted by the Chef along with wine paring to go with each dish.

Chefs Table is complimentary under the Star Class offerings, except wine pairing which is charged at 25 USD per passenger.

In the evening, we enjoyed our drinks at the Schooner Bar as Quantum sailed back to Singapore.

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Quantum of the Seas Live Blog - Day 2 - Sea Day

30 Dec 2020

Our Star Class Journey continues... 

We woke up to the Luxurious view of the Quantum’s wake and she sailed through the South China Sea.

We started off the day at Coastal Kitchen, where we enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast.

We did a walk around the ship and noticed a drastic improvement in the waiting and queuing for activities. 

Our Royal Genie brought us on a tour to the Suite Sun Deck and the Concierge lounge, however we did not spend much time there as our Genie has already made arrangements for shows and activities based on our preference.
She then escorted us to the Chops Grille speciality restaurant.

The lunch is complimentary under Star Class Offerings and we had some of the classics like Wild Mushroom Soup and Fillet Mignon. 

After lunch and being entertain by the Gold Art Duo from Ukraine.

Following the show, we changed and went to the outer decks for some sports. Our Royal Genie had coordinate a session in advance for Rock Climbing and IFly.

We were allowed multiple tries on the Rock Climbing Wall. However just like North Star, additional charges will be applied for the simulated Sky-Diving experience.

Later on in the day, we headed out for some evening entertainment at Two70 for Quantum Of The Seas production show; Starwater where our Genie had arranged specific seats that we requested in advance.

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Quantum of the Seas Live Blog - Day 1 - Star Class cruise begins

29 Dec 2020

 Royal Suite Class can best be described as, "luxury that’s anything but boring." This was what we felt from the moment we came to the terminal. 



Our bags were tagged and quickly whisked away by the porters as we were escorted through the terminal, past long queues for a private check in before clearing immigration and meeting our Royal Genie who we had been in contact for a month.

She handed us our Star Class Card with Gold Lettering and together boarded the ship. 

From checking our bags to getting on the ship and into our room, it took less than 30 minutes.

Royal Genie: Star Class Exclusive

The Genie is exclusive to Star class where he/she will assists you in throughout your stay in making reservations, escorting you to your seats/activities, any room concerns or even special requests.

Even before you board your cruise, he/she will be in contact with you learn about your specific preferences and how to make your vacation really special! 

Grand Loft Deck 8 

We were brought to our 2-decks of spacious Grand Loft Suite on Deck 8, where the Genie introduced us to our stateroom, while standing at the door.

Due to new health measures onboard Quantum of the Seas, the Genie and your loft attendant are only allowed in your room if you are not inside. 

The Suite was already prepared and stocked with our favorite drinks. Complimentary Moet Chandon, water and canapes/berries were waiting for us to enjoy in the room.

The Genie will also explain your Exclusive benefits for Star Class Guests. 

Voom: Sky and Star Class Exclusive

Complimentary Internet to connect with your friends and loved ones! 

Deluxe Beverage Package: Star Class Exclusive

A Star Class only exclusive. Alcohol beverages below 12 USD are included. Feel Free to drink to your hearts content. Just beware of the cut of time as due to local regulations, alcohol is not allowed to be consumed after 10.30pm

Lunch Location: Coastal Kitchen

Coastal Kitchen is a Royal Suite Class exclusive and for guests staying in Star Class. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner can be enjoyed there. Food was delicious accompanied with Great Service from the Coastal Kitchen Team.

Activities: Let your Genie know, and the Genie will handle the rest.  

Bumper Cars

Being a Star Class Guests, you can say farewell to long queues as the Genie will escort you to a private waiting area for those wanting to play Bumper Cars. For Guests not in a Royal Suite Class, reservation for Bumper Cars is a must. However, Star Class guests just need to let your genie know in advance when you want to enjoy the activity so he/she can escort 

North Star

Unfortunately, this is not a unlimited free activity on Asia cruises. But you can reserve more than once if you are in Star Class but the drawback is that you have to fork out 20USD pp if you want to ride again. 

Specialty Dining: Its Included!! Star Class Exclusive 

Worried about the cost of Specialty Dining? Fear not because in Star Class, this is complimentary!

We chose Wonderland for the 1st Night and we were transported to a world liken to Alice In Wonderland. Brush and the Menu will appear revealing imaginative food that will WOW you. Try their Special Cocktails too! 

Theater: Any Seat in the House

Your favorite Seat? Let your Genie know in advance and she will reserved the seat for you! And then sit back, relax and enjoy the Show. 

In the evening we enjoyed Sequins and Feathers, which is a Quantum Of The Seas Production Show.

Excellent throughout with cast members wearing Mask when there is more than 10 on stage.

Royal Theatre capacity remains restricted at 250 people due to social distancing measures set up by the local government.

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Quantum of the Seas Live Blog - Day 4 - Back to Back Preparations

27 Dec 2020

We woke up early for our appointment with the ship’s nurse to complete a PCR test onboard in preperation for our consecutive sailing onboard Quantum of the Seas.

A letter was sent to our cabin earlier in the cruise on the formalities we must complete before continuing our adventures onboard the ship, and of those was to complete this swab test on the last day before turnaround day.

Most formalities remain like pre-COVID times, with the only difference being

  • A PCR test required on the last day of the voyage prior to turnaround day
  • An Antigen Rapid Test (ART) to be completed in the terminal on turnaround day (as required by Singapore authorities)
  • New Tracelet required

Coming back to the COVID-19 test, we received the results back in the stateroom within a few hours after the swab was done. We were free to move around the ship for normal activities while waiting for the results.

However, to comply with local regulations on achieving ‘zero count’, which means to disembark all guests before embarking new ones, we must disembark and re-clear security and immigration before boarding again.

We must also wait for the sanitation process to be completed before coming back onboard.

How we went about our day

As we have completed all the theatre shows and activities, we decided to slow down and rest a little on our ‘last’ day onboard this voyage.

We went up to the pool deck, and as usual perfect weather to have a drink by the pool. We ended up skipping breakfast and lunch, and we met up with several of our followers for a final catch up before they disembark the Quantum.

Interestingly, even though these voyages are sea-days only; the Schooner Bar only opens at five! We checked with the crew and this was because before five, the venue was used for trivia and gameshows, and the bar could not open while activities were going on due to local COVID restrictions, thus the delay.

We then joined our few followers for dinner at the Main Dining Room, and this evening food was the best of the entire voyage. It started with the exceptional service by the team did to find a table for five; amongst the reduced capacity each table had. Most selections from favourites, to local delights – were done well.

We also met up with our Royal Genie – who will be assisting us around the ship during our next voyage, where we will be reviewing the Star Class – Royal Suite Class in a Grand Loft Suite.

I will keep these details a secret for now, so do remember to come back and read up on the special stuff we arranged!

Thoughts for this voyage

During our daily walkaround the ship, we noticed guests were experiencing issues with the new Royal Caribbean app. It seems to revolve around making reservations for activities, especially for production shows in the Royal Theatre and Two70.

We checked in with some of the guests and it appears so that even after Royal Caribbean did adjustment to bring the reservation commencement time to 6pm, the system crashed at 6 on the first day as many guests were on their phones waiting to book.

By the time they restarted the app, the 200 or so seats per seating were already booked out.

This drastic reduction in capacity; for example in the Royal Theatre which could originally hold 1,400 guests per show, now could only accommodate 250. This was due to the restrictions by the local government laid out under the Safe Management Measures (SMM), which the ship had to comply with.

However, we had a chat with the ship’s senior management, and they revealed to us that they have been in discussion with the local government to increase the capacity in a safe manner, as well as other methods to ensure guests catch at least a show during their cruise, but for now, their hands were tied.

Changes could come soon however, as Singapore will move towards Phase 3 tomorrow (28 December 2020) of re-opening after seeing low to no cases of COVID-19, the local government has met the criteria set out such as the higher adoption rate of contact tracing system ‘TraceTogether’, and is on track to reach the target of 70% by end-2020.

Changes that will occurs shoreside, which is highly likely followed by onboard management

  • Group size for gatherings increased from 5 to 8
  • Capacity limits of premises will be increased, and attractions can start applying to the tourism board to increase operating capacity to 65%
    • Capacity limit will increase from 10m2 to 8m2 per person in malls and large standalone stores
  • Capacity or congregational and other worship services increased up to 250 persons
  • Other measures were changed too, you can find out more on the government website.

These should normally change onboard as well, but we shall find out on the next voyage to see if the situation improves. Tomorrow we will return to Singapore for our next trip which we are so excited for, in the Grand Loft Suite!

So please stay tuned and you may follow us on Facebook @sgcruisesociety for more! Simply drop us a message and mention that you are directed from Royal Caribbean Blog if you have any questions or something you want us to check out.

Quantum of the Seas Live Blog - Day 3 - Sea Day

26 Dec 2020

The day after Christmas was slow, and the Royal Esplanade on Deck 4 seemed empty until 10am.

We thought that it was pretty thoughtful that the Main Dining Room now opens at 9am, allowing all guests a chance to dine at the restaurants, regardless if you are up early or late as many on these ‘Ocean Getaway’ cruise were trying to escape from their hectic schedules back in Singapore.

Morning Walkaround & North Star

As we went out pretty early this morning, we missed the stateroom attendant for our daily temperature checking, but as soon as we came back he immediately came forward and took our temperature before entering our cabins.

However, we also noticed temperature scanners around the ship and were required to be used before accessing the venues like pools and restaurants. It might be a hassle, but you never know, better to be safe than sorry. 

We are still in a course today off the eastern coast of Malaysia. The weather was great, and we credit this to the bridge team to be bringing us to find the good weather. This part of the world is notorious for its squalls and monsoons at this time of the year.

Trivia and gameshows are still being conducted around the ship in a safe manner, with guests socially distanced with their own personal slip of paper and sanitized pens. Turnout was amazing at the Schooner Bar for these activities; however, guests are not allowed to eat or enjoy a beverage during the activities due to local regulations.

We managed to snap a North Star ride in the morning through the reservations on the application just before lunch.

The North Star now has a nominal fee of USD$20 per person, and now only carries five to six guests due to reduced capacity. The views were amazing as usual that high above the water and makes for a memorable Phototaking session.

We also dropped by the line dance at Sea plex again to look at how the line dance is going, and it seems guests are enjoying the cruise staff schedules of the activities. We took the chance to check in with the sports staff on the rental guidelines of the Xbox and etc.

Reservation for the activities at the upper deck of SeaPlex now starts at 9am every morning and are capped at twenty-minute duration.

Dining Today – including Wonderland

Windjammer for lunch was not crowded at all, and I could find a seat without much effort.

We enjoyed these local crepes and had some drinks, to leave space for the highlight, Wonderland tonight A shocking observation was that bionic bar was magically back! It is now operating and are serving beverages now.

Down at the [email protected], they offered a selection of soup and it was honestly quite suitable for the local taste.

At Wonderland, we left the options to our waiter and allowed him to bring us on this gastronomical experience.

We learned that a lot of measures have affected the dining experience here, such as we cannot share dishes anymore if you are not dining with the same travelling group.

Tables were now limited to party of five. Not only that, they have made improvements to the menu since our last trip in 2017.

Production Show Sequins and Feathers

We managed to snatch a reservation at Royal Theatre for the production show Sequin and Feathers to enjoy their singers and dancers.



Similar measures from last night show at Two70 here, such as mask wearing when more than 10 cast members are on stage.


Today was not a not very busy or eventful day, as most guests were relaxing by the pool enjoying the sun. However, we understand that during our observations there are issues with issue mobile application, and guests cannot reserve anything. We are keeping a look out and trying to understand more so do keep a look out for tomorrow’s blog.

We are doing our PCR test onboard tomorrow for the back to back arrangements tomorrow, so please stay tuned! You may follow us on Facebook @sgcruisesociety for more!

Simply drop us a message and mention that you are directed from Royal Caribbean Blog if you have any questions or something you want us to check out.

Quantum of the Seas Live Blog - Day 2 - Sea Day

25 Dec 2020

Merry Christmas from the beautiful Quantum of the Seas. Today is the first sea day during our cruise, and we are celebrating the holiday onboard!

Holiday season onboard cruises normally to be filled with celebrations, parties and singing carols. However, we can all agree that this year is no special year. We went around the ship to observe how the Christmas activities and shows are conducted.

Morning Walk around

Upon stepping out from our stateroom, we see our friendly stateroom attendant outside our door. He walked us through the new requirements where he will have to take our temperature every morning and check if we are feeling great before heading off for our day.

He swiftly took our temperature reading and we were off for the day. We started with breakfast at the Main Dining Room, and had some delicious, scrambled eggs and bacon. Interestingly, salt and pepper shakers are now gone; but replaced with pre-packaged ones due to health concerns.

We then went towards Two70 for the Gift Giving with Santa Claus event. It is mainly for children between 3 and 17 years old, but parents could join their kids during the photo taking with Santa. Guests were required to remain 1-meter away from Santa and his elves, because Santa is vulnerable to viruses too!

It was a beautiful day out here off the Eastern Coast of Malaysia, blue skies, and calm seas - makes for a perfect day out in the pool deck.

The pools onboard now had their capacity capped to allow for distancing. However, a queue quickly formed, and guest had their time in the pools limited.

To ensure everyone had a chance for a dip in the pool on such a hot day, the duration was limited to 15 minutes per session. The crew patiently explained to the guests and directed them accordingly to maintain safe distancing. The guests who queued seemed to all understand this requirement and patiently waited for their turn.

Solarium was, however, calm. Free space available at both the cascading pool and jacuzzi. However, the new jacuzzi rule' onboard is that the people in the jacuzzi with you should be within your travel party and should not exceed five at any one time. The sixth friend will have to join next time!

Dining Options on Christmas Day

We thought at first the Windjammer will be offering normal lunch options and only expected special dishes for dinner. However, we were pleasantly surprised to see special mains and desserts spread out to add to the Christmas list.

Crew members all wore masks and Christmas hats, and with the new health protocols we had to stay behind the barricade while they served us the delicious lunch. We were told to leave some space for dinner as the menu was even more special.

We then went to Schooner Bar to try out the Christmas beverages. There were four options available; and we tried two of them that was recommended by our fantastic bartenders. We jokingly mentioned that we could taste the Christmas' in the drinks - and they revealed to us that it was the cinnamon which was doing the trick. The drinks were honestly, fantastic.

For dinner, we went back to the dining room to try out the special Christmas Menu, as recommended by the crew up at Windjammer Marketplace.

From starters to dessert, there were close to 27 complimentary options to choose from! We tried a mix of dishes from both the holiday selections and the ordinary menu. They were great, however the crème brulee did not make the cut.

Bionic bar was open today serving non-alcoholic beverages while performing some dance moves. However, we checked with the bar staff and they shared that some of the specialized equipment was still being flown in and should be ready in January.

Activities and Entertainment

We participated in a quick scavenger hunt at Schooner Bar before heading for the Christmas music Line Dance at the SeaPlex.

The host ensured that everyone on the floor was socially distanced and all kept their mask on.

We manage to reserve seats for the production show at Two70, Starwater, which is a 'visual spectacle of ground-breaking technology and live performance artistry.' We noticed that cast members will wear masks if there were more than ten of them at any one time. The vocalist however was exempted.

The CruiseSafe auditors are constantly walking around the ship to ensure everything onboard remains in compliance with local regulations, and the Cruise Director, as well as other staff, have kindly reminded the guests through the Daily Morning Show to adhere to the regulations onboard to ensure everyone stays safe.


Christmas celebrations onboard now are different from past years, where we used to sing carols together and enjoy a drink at the bar, but there is a new norm, and I believe we just must adapt to it. Tomorrow we will be enjoying two production shows at the Royal Theatre so do stay tuned!

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