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Harmony of the Seas 2020 Live Blog - Cruise Preview

10 Mar 2020

It is time to go back on a Royal Caribbean cruise, and this time, we are headed back onto my favorite ship in the fleet, Harmony of the Seas.

This is a 7-night Western Caribbean cruise for my kids' Spring Break, and we have packed a ton of fun into this vacation.

Yes, I am going on a cruise during Coronavirus

Before I talk about any of my plans, I have to talk about my decision to continue with my plans to cruise on Harmony of the Seas despite the Coronavirus situation.

The COVID-19 illness has dominated the news cycle for weeks, and it has had rampant impact on the markets and policies around the world.  Yet, I still plan to go on my cruise and some may be wondering why.

The short answer is my family's risk factors are low, Royal Caribbean's preventative steps are many, and the impact of the virus is not nearly as dire as some might lead you to believe.

I firmly believe that you cannot live your life trying to avoid "what if" scenarios. You can drive yourself crazy with indecision and hibernation.  And given the fact my family is not at a higher risk for complications due to Coronavirus, I feel confident in my decision to go ahead with the cruise.

What if you get quarantined?

This seems to be the primary concern of many to not cruise, and you need to consider the total number of ships that have actually been quarantined compared to how many other ships have been cruising around the world.  It is an incredibly low statistic.

The Cruise

With my kids getting older, taking them out of school is never a simple task, so cruising when school is out for vacation is our primary family travel strategy.

This year, we picked a 7-night Western Caribbean sailing on Harmony of the Seas out of Port Canaveral.

Harmony is my favorite Royal Caribbean ship, because it is an Oasis Class ship that offers the best amenities of the fleet, that blends options from the Oasis and Quantum Class ships. Water slides, shows, dining choices and plenty of activities make this a very fun ship.

In addition, Harmony of the Seas has some very fun activities onboard. One reason I really love Oasis Class ships is because of the wide variety of events throughout the day.  There is more than enough to keep our family busy every day.

We will visit four ports on this itinerary: Perfect Day at CocoCay, Cozumel, Costa Maya and Roatan.  It will be a busy sailing, with a lot of port stops, but each one offers something intriguing for our family, and I think we have lined up some great things to do in each port.


We booked two connecting oceanview balcony rooms on deck 12 for this cruise. 

Whenever I book a cruise, I consider all the cabin options out there, and pick one that fits our budget and needs.  Connecting rooms is my preferred family cruise approach, because it provides a completely separate room for my kids, a second full bathroom and ease of access with an interior door between the rooms.

The choice of an ocean balcony is a "sweet spot" for us, as my wife really enjoys having a private area to enjoy being outdoors.  March in the Caribbean is a fantastic time of year to enjoy being outdoors, as it is typically warm but low on the humidity still.


Our Harmony of the Seas cruise will make four port stops, with two sea days mixed in.

First and foremost, we will visit Perfect Day at CocoCay on this cruise. Royal Caribbean's private island has been such a big hit since it debuted last year, so being able to visit is a real highlight.  

In fact, we reserved a floating cabana for my family in the Coco Beach Club.  My kids have no idea that I have booked this, so I cannot wait to surprise them with this private vista.

We will also be visiting Cozumel, which means great Mexican food and time at the beach. We will be heading back to the popular all-inclusive beach, Nachi Cocom. I have not been there since late 2017, so I am excited to see how it holds up.

In Costa Maya, I will once again visit Maya Chan Beach because it offers the best service I have ever experienced at any all-inclusive Caribbean beach. Maya Chan has been synonymous with visits to Costa Maya, and I know my kids love going there as much as I do.  

For our visit to Roatan, my kids heard you can hold and pet a sloth.  Rather than risk being the worst dad ever, we are taking them to a sloth sanctuary to give it a try.

Three things I am excited to try

3. Insider's View: Grease

My wife loves Broadway shows, and I wanted to give a try to an activity that enhances the experience.  Insider's View provides a cast meet and greet, signed photo of the cast, pre-show cocktail and premier seating.

I think she will really enjoy getting to know the cast, and I hope it provides a fun activity for a theater junkie.

2. Unlimited Dining Package

I purchased the Unlimited Dining Package on this sailing, and this is my first time using this dining package for a 7-night Oasis Class ship.

We got it for a great price ($179 per person), and with so many choices onboard, I think it will work well.  Plus, I get to try it at Izumi Hibachi.  Place your bets now how many times I end up there in total.

1. Floating cabanas & Coco Beach Club

Although I have seen the floating cabanas, this time around I get to stay in one for the day and I think it is going to be a real hit with the family.

This will be my family's first time at the Coco Beach Club, so I get to enjoy the total experience and see what they think of this exclusive area.  Plus, I think the kids are going to love having a floating cabana and that water slide into the ocean.

What's next

Our Harmony of the Seas cruise begins on Sunday, March 15th, and I will be sharing the details on the blog, as well as across my social media channels.  Be sure to follow me on FacebookInstagram and Periscope for live updates throughout the day.

I invite you to share in this experience with me, by posting in the comments for any blog post questions and comments you may have.  I try to make these live blogs as interactive as I can, so I want everyone to feel welcome to share their thoughts.

Thanks for reading all of this and welcome aboard our next fun live blog experience!

Harmony of the Seas Live Blog - Day 3 - Sea Day

12 May 2019

Our final day on Harmony of the Seas is a sea day, although it is not a typical sea day in the sense we are not going to purely at sea.

Captain Johnny made an announcement that we would head over to Perfect Day at CocoCay, Royal Caribbean's newly revamped private island, for a test docking.  Essentially, since no Oasis Class ships have docked at the island's new pier before, they needed to test it out prior to regularly scheduled sailings going there. Earlier this week, Harmony tested one side of the pier and today we would be testing out the other side.

While we would not be disembarking, it would give everyone on Harmony of the Seas a fantastic up close view of the great lengths Royal Caribbean has gone to revitalize the island.

Right around 9am we started approaching the island and beginning the docking procedure.

Once the ship got close enough to the island, Harmony spun around 180 degrees to back into her docking position.

The parking job was quick and we were docked alongside Navigator of the Seas for around 30 minutes or so, before Captain Johnny turned the thrusters back on to head out.

The island looks amazing, and I cannot wait to see everything that has been added. Luckily for me, I will not have to wait very long for that pleasure.

My kids opted to sleep through the island visit, so we got them up and moving and enjoyed one last breakfast at Park Cafe.

Next up my oldest daughter tried out the Ultimate Abyss.  She survived and said there was lots of noises, lights and it was faster than she thought it would be.

After that, the kids took a quick ride on the carousel.

Before lunch, there was a parade on the Royal Promeande and the Adventure Ocean staff selected my oldest daughter to be part of the parade as cupcakes in the Happy Birthday section of the parade.

Lunch was enjoyed in the Windjammer. The pasta station at the back became our go-to spot.

Our afternoon consisted of mostly bar hopping and a quick nap.  Typical sea day activities that do not make for exciting live blogs, but are quite enjoyable nonetheless.

We reserved dinner at Izumi for hibachi, which is a family favorite on any Royal Caribbean ship that offers it.

The meal was wonderful and our chef did a great job. Unfortunately we ran into a billing issue, which was partially our fault and partially the system's fault. If you want to dine with kids at hibachi, I recommend paying adult price in advance to lock in spots because hibachi sells out so quickly.

What is supposed to happen is once at the meal, the staff should only charge the kids $10 and the rest of the pre-paid amount refunded as onboard credit.  The lesson to be learned is when you check-in, inform the staff of the kids and the fact you pre-paid so that the billing can be fixed while you dine.  Not a major problem, just took some time to rectify it.

We spent the rest of our evening having one last round of drinks with friends around the ship. 

Harmony proved to be a very fun weekend cruise and just the kind of escape that we wanted. In fact, being able to get back on Harmony of the Seas and enjoy the kind of experiences that made her my favorite ship in the first place was a real treat.

I will be sure to share more thoughts on my cruise in this week's podcast episode.

Thanks for following the live blog and the great comments.  Our next live blog kicks off this Friday, as we head over to Navigator of the Seas.

Harmony of the Seas Live Blog - Day 2 - Nassau

11 May 2019

My favorite day of any cruise is always the second day, because it is the first full day onboard and that means a full day of cruise fun!

The excitement got to me, because I woke up at about 7:30am and could not sleep.  With this being just a 3-night cruise, I also felt I should make the most of my time onboard.

The kids slept in a bit, but we got them up and moving and then headed to Park Cafe for breakfast.  There are quite a few breakfast venues to choose from on Harmony, between the Windjammer, Main dining room, Park Cafe, Solarium Bistro and Mini Bites.

Today we are in Nassau, although we did not dock until 10am.  After breakfast, we enjoyed some time walking around the ship and enjoying a lovely (and warm) day in The Bahamas.

By late morning, we decided to disembark and grab a drink or two in Nassau.  

We walked over to Pirate Republic Brewery for a few beers.  Pirate Republic is a great spot for beers and a very short walk from the ship.

We headed back to Harmony for lunch and grabbed a bite to eat from the Windjammer. 

For the rest of the afternoon, we spent time at the pool.  I even tackled the water slides a couple of times. The yellow slide is definitely faster than the blue slide!

In the evening, I met some friends down in Izumi for a celebratory round of hot sake.  

Dinner this evening took us to one my favorite specialty restaurants, Sabor.  

Sabor serves up terrific Mexican fare, and their freshly made guacamole is worth the cost of admission alone!

Of course, no visit to Sabor is complete without one of their signature margaritas.

After dinner we checked out the adult comedy in the Royal Theater. Both comedians were very, very funny.

Following the show we rounded out our evening in the Pub with drinks and songs to sing along to. A good time was had by all.

Tomorrow is our last day and it is a sea day.

Stray Observations

  • The drink package was still being sold throughout the day.  I do not recall seeing a drink package still available on the second day of a three night cruise.
  • The Windjammer in the evening had freshly made falafel. It was remarkably good.


Harmony of the Seas Live Blog - Day 1 - Embarkation Day

10 May 2019

I think my entire family woke up bright and early thinking the exact same thing, "Cruise day!".

We live about an hour or so from Port Canaveral, so we got up and loaded up the car to make the drive over to the port.

The drive to the port was uneventful and we arrived a few minutes before 10am. I dropped my kids, wife and luggage off and then parked the car at the port parking garage.  The terminal was note quite open yet, but it opened up a little after 10am.

Check-in was super simple and Port Canaveral now uses tablet-based check-in. Instead of lining up to go to the desk and check-in, there are agents standing around with tablets. It is similar to the setup at PortMiami check-in.

Boarding began a little after 11am and once we set foot on the Royal Promenade, it felt like a homecoming for me.

The ship looks beautiful, and we took the opportunity to make a few specialty dining reservations before heading up to the Windjammer for lunch.

Embarkation day lunch in the Windjammer is a favorite cruise tradition of mine, and I found the selection of food varied enough to satisfy all my family's preferences. A great start to a full day ahead.

We headed down to the Boardwalk and my daughters took a ride on the carousel.

 After that, it was back up to the pool deck for some fun at Splashaway Bay.

Unfortunately my youngest daughter was an inch or two too short for the Splashaway Bay slides, but she still had a great time running around, splashing and playing with all the water features.

Staterooms opened promptly at 1pm and we have a pair of connecting inside staterooms on deck 8.

I love that our rooms are the first set from the elevator bank because that means no crazy long walks back to my room.

Another interesting difference is our room has the bed along the side, while the girls have a bed against the back wall. It also looks like their couch is larger. I was surprised to see a different layout for what are two of the same category rooms.

Our luggage was already waiting near our room, so we grabbed those and quickly unpacked.  We then headed up to Adventure Ocean to register the kids. Another surprise was Adventure Ocean did not open until 8pm on day one, which is what used to be the policy across the fleet, but in the last year or so on all ships we have sailed on Adventure Ocean opened at 7pm on the first night.

Muster drill came and went quickly. I was just happy to be sitting down in air conditioning for the event, which took place for us in the Royal Theater.

After muster drill we headed up to the pool. The kids mostly played around while we enjoyed the sailaway views.

We changed for dinner and then fed the kids in the Windjammer before dropping them off at Adventure Ocean.

Dinner tonight was at 150 Central Park, as my wife wanted to dine here after she missed it on Symphony of the Seas.

We had a great meal, and I tried the beet salad as an appetizer and the venison for my entree.  I also split with my wife the beef tenderloin for two.  

Beets are not my favorite vegetable by any means, but I wanted something different to try.  The venison was better than I expected, and switching off between that and the beef tenderloin was a terrific combination.

Once we finished the meal, we grabbed a drink at the Pub before heading to the Royal Theater to take in our favorite show on Harmony of the Seas, Columbus: The Musical.

This show is a really fun experience, and I love the songs and humor that are fused into this Royal Caribbean original production. 

After the show, I enjoyed a few more drinks at the Pub before calling it a night.

Tomorrow we will be docked in Nassau, Bahamas.

Stray Observations

  • You may have seen photos from the previous 3-night sailing of Harmony of the Seas where quite a few love bugs descended upon the area (and ship). Luckily, few love bugs were an issue for us.
  • There were no dining packages offered before the cruise, but once onboard the 3-night dining package was offered at $99 per person.
  • The new souvenir Coca-Cola Freestyle cups are on the ship, but the old cup design is still around. In fact, waiting in our room as part of our drink package was the old cup. 
  • Speaking of the old cup, I have never seen the souvenir cups wrapped in a tamper evident wrap.  They have always been wrapped, but never with print on them.


Harmony of the Seas 2019 Live Blog - Cruise Preview

07 May 2019

I am headed back onto Harmony of the Seas for a quick 3-night sailing and I am taking you with me for this short sailing from Harmony's new home of Port Canaveral.

Harmony of the Seas just re-positioned to Port Canaveral, Florida and offered two 3-night sailings to get her back on schedule for her usual 7-night sailings.  I managed to take make a long weekend and book this sailing as an excuse to get back on my favorite ship, Harmony of the Seas.

The Cruise

Living in Florida, I have access to the kind of sailings that do not make much sense for others to go on, and this Harmony of the Seas sailing is a great example of one.  It is a short 3-night sailing that I booked all the way back in 2017 that I knew I could make work with my schedule since it was over a weekend.

Ever since I sailed on Harmony in 2016 and 2017, I have really loved everything about this ship and what it offers. I am often asked why Harmony is my favorite, and it has to do with the fact it offers that terrific Oasis Class experience, along with some Quantum Class "enhancements".  Water slides, shows, dining choices and plenty of activities make this a very fun ship to sail on.

I am taking my family with me on this 3-night sailing, and in the days leading up to this cruise we have been prioritizing what we will do once onboard. Having just three nights on an Oasis Class ship does not leave a ton of time to get it all in, so we are treating this cruise as a "victory lap" of our favorite aspects of this ship.


Since this is such a short sailing, we booked connecting interior rooms (category 6Q).  It has been quite a while since our last sailing in an inside room.

Considering how short this sailing is and how much we plan to do onboard, I think an interior was a good choice for us because we really will not be spending much time in the room.  In the never ending "inside or balcony room" debate, I have always felt it boils down to your situation, and we felt for such a short sailing it made more sense to go with an inside room.

The thing I really love about an inside room is how dark it gets when we go to bed.  No light bleed from the balcony.  The only problem is you have no idea if it is 3am or 3pm, so alarms are a must.


Our Harmony of the Seas cruise will make just one port stop in Nassau, Bahamas and will offer a sea day on the full day onboard.

You might not think much of the itinerary, but this cruise is all about the ship. Whether it is your first time on Harmony or been on before, I think most people sailing are looking to hit the highlights and enjoy as much time onboard as possible.

I do not think we will do much in Nassau. I may get off the ship briefly for a beer or two at Pirate Republic Brewery for simply an excuse to get off the ship, but that remains to be seen.

Three things I am excited to try

3. Trying something new (to me)

If there is a theme of this cruise preview, it probably has to do with revisiting a favorite ship.  Doing the things we love on a cruise ship is always a treat, but I do my best to also push myself out of my comfort level just a bit and try something new.

I have not settled on a particular activity or offering onboard, but I would like to take this opportunity and try something new onboard.  Even though I have been on Harmony a few times, I am far from having "done it all," so it would be great to add a new experience to my repertoire.

2. Columbus, The Musical

My favorite original Royal Caribbean production is Columbus, The Musical on Harmony of the Seas.  It is a musical comedy written in the style of "Something Rotten" and my wife and I just love the show.

Since it is only available to see on Harmony of the Seas, we are taking this opportunity to enjoy another showing. We may or may not be wearing our Columbus shirts that we made.

1. Royal Caribbean app chat feature

This sailing will be my first time that I get to sail on a Royal Caribbean ship that offers the chat feature in the Royal Caribbean app.

The chat feature is in beta and being tested on Allure of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas, so I will be excited to see how well it works and try it out myself.

What's next

Our Harmony of the Seas cruise begins on Thursday, May 9th, and I will be sharing the details on the blog, as well as across my social media channels.  Be sure to follow me on FacebookInstagram and Periscope for live updates throughout the day.

I invite you to share in this experience with me, by posting in the comments for any blog post questions and comments you may have.  I try to make these live blogs as interactive as I can, so I want everyone to feel welcome to share their thoughts.

Thanks for reading all of this and welcome aboard our next fun live blog experience!

Harmony of the Seas Live Blog - Michael's Day 7 - Sea Day

23 Sep 2017

Our final day on board Harmony of the Seas has arrived. This week has gone by so fast; today I had no real plans other than relaxing. The last official group event was the podcast recording down in the conference room. It was fun to recap our cruise in a group setting, while recording.


After the recording I wanted to grab some lunch. I had thought about going to Chops Grill for lunch with my Ultimate dining package, but like always I ended up at Sabor. Today I wanted to try the chicken quesadilla, and it was so good.


When I left the boardwalk I noticed they had candy and cotton candy for sale. The skittles tempted me, but thought candy was the last thing I needed after Sabor.


Just walking through the promenade exploring, I noticed the guest services desk was extremely long. I had looked on my on board account and saw a bar charge for some drinks. Not a big deal, they took them off since I have the drink package, but you want to make sure you double check. Also, noticed the drinks you order with the package show up for $0.00 and kind of scary to see that after a week.


One of my friends was staying in a loft suite and invited some of us up to the suite area. This is a private area restricted to Star, Sky, and Pinnacle Club members only. They had a private hot tub up here beside their bar.


While walking around on the suite deck I came across four cabana’s looking over the Solarium. These cabanas would be my go to spot and come at no cost.


Tonight I had planned a dinner at Sabor for anyone who wanted to come in the group. I reached out to the Sabor manager early in the week to let them know we would need reservations for 25 guests. They gave us two large tables and we all had a great time. I know what you must be thinking; didn’t you already eat Sabor once today? It’s like there is no such thing as too much Mexican food. We had a really fun time all together and recapping the week cruising together.


After dinner everyone in the group met at the pub for our goodbyes. This was a really sad to say farewell to everyone, but I’m glad Matt arranged this to see everyone. At 11:30pm I decided to call it a night because my flight was at 8:30am Saturday morning.


Almost everyone told me not to book this flight so early, but I really thought I could make it work. To report back on my experience I wanted to document every step of the way, so I made sure to capture the time. I went downstairs to express departure line at 5:45am. We were cleared and ready to walk off at 6:22am. The customs lines were moving fast, so I was through that by 6:31am. I jumped in a taxi right there at the port for $12, and arrived to Ft. Lauderdale Airport at 6:39am. I made it through security and walked up to my gate at 6:53am. So I made my flight and was home while some of my friends were still on board. I don’t recommend trying a flight this early, if you have other options. I think we all know, this was extremely high risk that everything must go perfect to make this flight.


Well this is the end to my live blog; it was a lot fun sharing the week with you. I hope you enjoyed both of the blogs at the same time, for two different experiences from the same ship. See you in three weeks for my next live blog on Enchantment of the Seas!

Harmony of the Seas Live Blog - Matt's Day 7 - Sea Day

22 Sep 2017

It is hard to imagine but this is the last day of our Harmony of the Seas cruise adventure.  It has been such a fun experience, and it all went by far too quickly.

We had a late night last night, so we slept in until about 9:30am.  It pains me to not take advantage of every minute of the last day, but then again, I need sleep!

We enjoyed breakfast at Park Cafe.  Despite the fact the Windjammer is just one deck below our stateroom, I find the options better in Park Cafe and it is certainly quick.  Plus, they have the vegetable sandwich that I really enjoy.

After breakfast it was time for our live podcast recording, where those in the group cruise joined me to record an episode of the Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast.

It was great talking about what we did and really enjoyed during our cruise.  Plus we had a few giveaways and leftover cake from the suite party!

For lunch, we decided to take advantage of our suite perks and order room service to the suite. 

We ordered lunch via the television and it arrived perhaps 30 minutes later.  I had the chicken noodle soup and quesadilla.  The pico de gallo was really good!

My wife went to see Grease in the theater, while I grabbed a drink at the Pub for a bit.  I then took the kids from Adventure Ocean and we went back to the stateroom to relax and start packing.

In the evening, we rounded out our last night much like every other night.  I took the kids up to the Windjammer for dinner before dropping them off in Adventure Ocean.

We got to enjoy one final sunset at sea, which was absolutely beautiful.

Dinner this evening was in Jamie's Italian because we really enjoyed it so much earlier in the cruise.  Plus, my wife loves the Elderflower Spritz cocktail so much.  We even sat at one of the outdoor tables because there was enough of a breeze to make things quite comfortable.

I tried the chicken cacciatore this time, and it was pretty good! Perhaps not my favorite item, but I did enjoy it quite a bit!

Our final activity of the evening was one last get-together among the Royal Caribbean Blog group cruise friends in the Pub on the Royal Promenade.  It was a great way to see each other one last time to wish goodbyes and figure out the next time we would all see each other again.

Without a doubt, this group cruise was a tremendous success, both in terms of having another great Royal Caribbean cruise vacation and putting together a fun week-long trip among friends.

I am so grateful to the nearly 100 readers who joined me on this sailing, and for the incredible memories we were able to share together.  In addition, my family had a great cruise vacation along the way and we will return home with many more memories that we will talk about for many years to come.

In retrospect, I am glad we upgraded to the Crown Loft balcony suite.  The room configuration and benefits added so much to our vacation experience.  Aside from price, I would not hesitate to recommend or stay in this kind of room again.  

Moreover, Harmony of the Seas remains my favorite Royal Caribbean cruise ship because of the wealth of activities, dining choices, events, and more.  The staff was incredible, including perhaps the best stateroom attendant we have had in many years.

Thank you to everyone for following along the fun in this live blog.  I enjoy sharing the cruise adventure with all of you, and I relished in reading your feedback every day of the sailing.

Until next time!

Harmony of the Seas Live Blog - Michael's Day 6 - Cozumel

22 Sep 2017

Today was our last port of call in Cozumel, Mexico. We arrived at 8am and staying until 7pm, so we have a full day in Mexico. I had booked a beach day at Nachi-Cocom for $55. This is an all-inclusive beach venue, and when you make reservations online you pre-pay $11 at booking.


I’ve been coming to Nachi for many years now; it’s almost time to explore some other options in Mexico. We had four Carnival ships, one NCL, & one Royal in port today. Needless to say, the port itself was packed. They did have the taxi line very organized; our ride was $17 (up to four people).


Nachi-Cocom was way over booked, today with around 150 guests. I talked to the staff there, about why they had more guests than usual. They mentioned because ships keep changing their schedule and guest who have booked for other date are being honored. They are trying to take care of those guests who booked, but it seemed a little overran today.


There was about twenty of us in the group cruise that booked Nachi today. I really enjoyed being able to spend the day with them. At 4:30pm we started to wrap up and make our trip back to the ship. The staff at Nachi calls a taxi for you and they arrive in a matter of minutes.


Dinner tonight was at Jamie’s Italian at 7:30pm. I mentioned that I didn’t love the meal here night one, so I wanted to try it again. I made our reservations about two hours prior to our dining time. I left night six open so we could decide later in the week what we wanted to eat again. We didn’t order the large meat try since we found out, that’s a meal in itself! We had a lite starter and some pasta for the main course. I was really pleased with the meal, and a fan of Jamie’s now.


Tonight was the Quest adult game show in Studio B. They had battle of the sexes in the same venue right before, so getting seats together was a little struggle.


I played as our team captain, and sad to report, we got second place. The game was so much fun, and I think a lot of my friends got some funny pictures of me dressed up.


Well tomorrow is our last sea day, as we head back to Florida.


Harmony of the Seas Live Blog - Matt's Day 6 - Cozumel

22 Sep 2017

Our final port stop brings us to Cozumel, Mexico and we intended to finish with a great day in town.

We fed the children at Park Cafe and dropped them off at Adventure Ocean so they could enjoy a fun day with their friends while my wife and I explored Cozumel on our own.

We got off the ship and took a taxi downtown to start things off with a massage for my wife at a local masseuse.  

While my wife enjoyed her massage, I found solace in Starbucks, which had the air conditioning flowing on a very hot and humid day.

I picked my wife up and we stumbled upon a great little coffee house to take a quick break while friends joined us for lunch.

We grabbed lunch at a place my friend from recommended, El Palomar.  

El Palomar serves freshly made Mexican food that blends traditional with modern touches.  Great food all around, including the all important guacamole.

We did a little shopping after lunch and then headed back to the ship.

After an afternoon of resting back in the ship, we enjoyed dinner at 150 Central Park.

On our last cruise on Harmony of the Seas, 150 Central Park had been my favorite specialty restaurant and I was excited to try it again.

I am happy to say it did not disappoint and the steak for two was terrific.

Following dinner, we got to see Columbus, the Musical again.  My wife and I really enjoy the show and decided to check it out once again.

Most of us in the group went to see The Quest in Studio B.  Our RoyalCaribbeanBlog team played extremely well, coming out with a second place finish.

Tomorrow is our final day on Harmony of the Seas and it is sure to be a busy sea day!

Stray Observations

  • There was a chocolate buffet in the Windjammer during dinner this evening

  • The weather in Cozumel was partly cloudy, but it did rain a few times. Not a rain out, just a break from the clear blue skies we had seen all cruise.
  • There were 4 different Carnival ships in port with us, plus a Norwegian ship.

Harmony of the Seas Live Blog - Michael's Day 5 - Sea Day

21 Sep 2017

It's hard to believe we are already on day five of this cruise; they always go by so fast. Today we have our second sea day, as we sail to Cozumel, Mexico. I did sleep in until 8am today, since we were up late, but 8am on vacation might be considered early to some.


Today was actually a pretty busy day as far as our schedule goes. I didn’t go to the pool today, I needed a break from the sun, so I spent most of the morning down in the Royal Promenade. I noticed they had a drink table set up, selling $8 bloody mary’s, not a bad price for on board prices. I also saw them setting up for Oktoberfest fest in the pub. They were selling a large pint glass to take home for $18, but it came with a 32oz of beer. Also you could buy the 10 drink draft beers card in here today for $49, which is made for sharing if you like.


First event today was lunch at Sabor at noon. We had the usual margaritas and tacos. Not much to describe here, other than I like the shrimp taco’s a lot more than the chicken taco’s.


The blog group had an official meet-up today down in the conference room, we played a game called Super Password. Matt had asked me to be a panelist for the game, which I agreed to not knowing anything about the game. It’s kind of hard to explain, but you have to guess a word with only sharing one word. I didn’t win, but I sure had a lot of fun playing and meeting up with the group.


Our next event today was the loft suite, “sweets party.” We had two loft suites beside each other, and opened up their balcony doors. They had food, cakes, and even an open bar for everyone in the group. It was fun to see the loft suites and have pre-dinner in Matt’s cabin.


Dinner was in Costal Kitchen tonight; this was my first time dining here all week. In the Junior Suites you are invited to dine here for dinner only.


I absolutely, love the views from the suite area, it reminds me of the Viking Lounge on Majesty of the Seas. I was able to watch the sunset, while having a glass of wine at dinner – it was perfect!


The service was outstanding; I never asked for another drink, they just brought them. The food was also great, I enjoyed the smaller amounts of food since we have been eating so much.


Tonight was the 90’s street party in the Royal Promenade. This is a brand new show that’s only on Harmony of the Seas. Her sister ships have the 70’s street party, so they are trying to progress a few decades for the younger generations. I enjoyed the show and seeing something totally different than I’ve seen before. However, I did miss the Columbus the musical show, since they were both at 11pm.

After the street party, I hung out in the pub for a few hours with our group. The music stopped kind of early, but we stayed and had our own fun. Well that’s my full day on board Harmony; tomorrow we are in our last port Cozumel, Mexico.

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