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Drink Package Sales

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Hello Everyone!


I am new here so please forgive me if this has already been asked. I am booked on a Royal Caribbean cruise in November and I noticed last week all of the drink packages (minus the soda only package) were on sale. I checked back this week and most of the packages are back to regular price :0(.  I would like to purchase the refreshment drink package but am not sure when it will go back on sale. Are there times when they typically go on sale (i.e. labor day,  certain weekends etc)? I learned my lesson this time around so I want to make sure I'm prepared for the next sale :0)


Thanks in advance!

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1 hour ago, yaya luvs to cruz said:

When will drink packages go on sale for January 2019 cruises? Also waiting for 5 night dining packages. Thanks.

I would say for you...wait till at least Sept/oct. And definitely keep on eye out for Black Friday.  Usually cruise planner sales pop up around 3-4 months out, but again, like anything, it can vary. It pays to keep checking.

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3 hours ago, ellcee said:

I second this. Booked in August '17 for July '18 and the best sale I saw was Black Friday...

Yes.  I should actually correct myself with the 3-4 month timeline.  Sometimes it is a bit earlier than that.  I remember for my Harmony cruise August 2017, the best sale was also Black Friday 2016.  

Basically, there's no predicting when sales will happen.  @Matt and others, including myself, have said many times...If it's not a burden financially, purchase now and re-price as you go along.  You can do this up to 3 days prior to sail date (that's when the cruise planner closes).  Sometimes the price actually increases so you are better off purchasing sooner, rather than later.  

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23 minutes ago, yaya luvs to cruz said:

Refreshment package dropped to $20. Does it include NA beer? Can't find a reference anywhere. Thanks in advance.

Non-alcoholic beer is not included with the Refreshment package.

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