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Radiance Class or Vision Class

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Which to choose.  Brilliance or Vision.  Both have a transatlantic leaving from Barcelona next year.  November for 15 nights vs September for 13 nights, respectively.  We have not been on the Brilliance yet.  They both visit the same ports except for one port and they are both great ships.  
The last time we were on the Vision we had a cabin on deck 7 next to the elevators.  There were times that the band got quite loud in the Centrum and the sound reverberated up through the hole in the ship.  I'm going to assume that the Brilliance is the same so no more cabins close to the aft elevators.  I'm an old guy and I do sometimes like to go to bed 9:30 of so.
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I have only been on vision...it was a nice ship... But I'm dying to try the brilliance class.  Everything I've seen says it is just a beautiful ships and someday twangster I will try that vintages.  I'm sad that even though I will enjoy vision next summer, that my 12 day in Europe isn't on a brilliance class ship.  Jane

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