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A Day in Cozumel

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I finally got around to editing some pictures and thought I would post a live blog style review of our day in Cozumel from this February even though it’s not so live anymore. I made a video but the image quality is so much better in the pictures. All of the pictures were extracted from the GoPro footage.

We were cruising with some friends and didn’t have any plans for the day except that we wanted to check out the East side of the island. We had heard that it was beautiful and since this was our third trip to Cozumel we wanted to try something a little different. We decided to rent some scooters by the cruise port and headed East. It was $55 for the day including full insurance coverage. I think it took around 20 minutes or so to get to the East side of the island but I did not actually time it. Once you get out of downtown there is a side road that is for designated for scooters and bicycles. The ride down the coastline was beautiful and the pictures don’t even do it justice.

Cozumel 1.jpg

Cozumel 2.jpg

Cozumel 3.jpg


We had pulled over to check the map, but we saw this little beachside bar and decided to check it out. The place was called Rasta Bar. It was free to enter and they had a full bar and menu. We weren’t that hungry so we just had some chips and guacamole and a few beers. The chips and guacamole were around $6 and the beers were $3 each.

Cozumel 4.jpg

Cozumel 5.jpg

Cozumel 6.jpg

Cozumel 7.jpg

Cozumel 8.jpg

Cozumel 9.jpg


There were miles of untouched beach and coastline in either direction of the bar. There was plenty of white sandy beach, hammocks, and a beach volleyball court. We had planned to just stop for a few minutes but we decided to stay a while because it was exactly what we were looking for. I can’t say enough about how beautiful the undeveloped beaches on the East side of the Island are. Our only regret about the day was that we hadn’t brought anything for the beach like flip flops or beach towels because we didn’t know what we were going to do when we set out.

Cozumel 10.jpg

Cozumel 11.jpg

Cozumel 12.jpg


It was a great day and it was probably our favorite thing that we have experienced in Cozumel. We went downtown afterwards to our favorite spot called the Thirsty Cougar. We didn’t take any pictures but it was great as usual. Overall the day was incredibly affordable coming in at under $100 total for the two of us. I would highly recommend renting scooters as a fun way to explore Cozumel. Not only was the ride exhilarating, but it was also incredibly convenient to be able to travel anywhere you wanted on the island without worrying about transportation costs adding up.

One tip I would give to anyone who decides to rent scooters is to take pictures of the scooter before you leave the rental place. When we returned them at the end of the day they tried to charge our friends for a scratch that was already there. Luckily, he had taken pictures and we were able to resolve the issue without any problems. Rasta Bar was great and there were several other beachside bars on the Eastern coast that looked great as well. We look forward to seeing more of the island on our next trip to Cozumel.

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