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A "Must Read" for all!

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Sitting at the doctor's office and came across the most interesting article. Thought I would share. Take away from it whatever you will. The most interesting thing to me was the fear of "chicken or beef". No wonder RC rates low for you know what! ?? still can't let it go!


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Really interesting article! I wasn't surprised to read about the absolute ban on crew fraternizing with passengers, but I was surprised to read about how getting romantically involved with your fellow crew members is not only allowed, it's basically encouraged! I guess it makes sense. You're "stuck" with these people for six to ten months, so I can see how they'd want to reduce the... umm... tensions that might otherwise build up.

Still, with the way the author said relationships on board tend to be like "dog years" and get hyper-accelerated, makes you wonder about the potential inter-crew drama that might unfold with it.

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2 hours ago, Sabrinaklai said:

Same.  We found this out a few cruises ago and that's why we started taking pics of their name tags (with their permission) so that we could write about it.

We've sent physical letters before praising the work of crew members by name. We always get a personal response back from a high ranking customer service officer.

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Interesting read, mostly information I have come across in other spots before though.

The use of codes is interesting, in a past life I worked with Ironman Triathlons and was involved in the Disney event. Disney staff was very clear in letting us know that they had some codes as well, I don't remember the exact code word any more, but we were not allowed to use the word alligator on the radios, it was something like we have a code orange near the docks.

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