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Is there a way, or place, to see When a Ship is Scheduled for Dry Dock?

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Hi There

I have a group cruise on Enchantment of the seas, 2-2-18

I am trying to find out exactly when Enchantment of the sea’s, will be going into drydock? I know there has to be a place, to see a schedule for these.

I would also like to know if it is possible to see what features will be done with the drydock, any upgrades and such?

I feel like a newbie cruiser, asking this question, you would think I would know where to find this information by now, but I can’t seem to find it. ?

Thank You in Advance for any help.


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There are websites that list drydock schedules (Don't have any off the top of my head but google usually finds them for me when I am curious), they tend to all be mostly right with some contradictions between them ;)

Royal in particular seems to be very secretive about what is going to be done at drydocks, the cynic in me believes its because they haven't managed one successfully in a while so it is better to not say what they were planning to do up front ... saves embarrassment when it doesn't all get done.

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6 hours ago, RestingBirds said:

REALLY hoping they put new shower doors in the bathrooms...get rid of those curtains!

Yes, that would be great!!! I will be staying in my Very First Suite, when I go on Enchantment 2-2-18, a GS. I am sure the Shower should be pretty decent in that Cabin. ?

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